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Software Features Automation Functionality
The NCSIMUL machining module now includes automation functionality that provides wider control for jobs across various devices by communicating with distant servers.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Hires Two Members
The Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Production Software Business has hired two new team members in support of its metal-cutting software.

Hexagon's Production Software Business
Vero Software, FASys and Spring Technologies unite under Hexagon brand.

Proto Labs machines

Technology Showcase: More of What’s to Come at WESTEC
There will be so much to do and see at WESTEC 2017. If you are planning to attend, be sure to check out these products, which will be on display.

Product Categories of HEXAGON / NCSIMUL

CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing)
Mold Flow and Simulation Software
NC Simulation and Verification Software
Tool Management Systems