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As Seen In MoldMaking Technology

How to Learn Mold Design Virtually
Plastics Engineering program instructors share their strategies for successful virtual learning for hands-on injection mold design.

Three Generations of Moldmakers Support Injection Molding and Investment Casting Industries
It’s all about service: a family mold, tool & die shop goes above and beyond for plastic injection and investment cast customers.

An X-Cell Tool and Mold team member sets up a Yasda for lights-out machining.

2019 Leadtime Leader Award Winner: X-Cell Tool and Mold Inc.–The Continuous Drive for Perfection
Continued investment in new technologies and automation has enabled this moldmaker to maintain shorter lead times no matter how large or complex the mold build.

Open Mind software screenshot

2018 Technology Review and Sourcing Guide: Software
MoldMaking Technology’s annual Technology Review and Sourcing Guide is an accurate, comprehensive, easy-to-read and easy-to-use use guide for researching today’s technology, equipment, products and services. The year’s latest moldmaking product developments within mold engineering/design, build and maintenance/repair are broken down into 10 sections, including software.


High Accuracy and Efficiency CAM System Speeds Mold Building
The ability to machine smaller details into molds has reduced or often even eliminated the need for secondary surface finish operations.

2015 Leadtime Leader Awards Honorable Mention: Dynamic Tool & Design - Committing to a Scientific Process
This shop’s recent strides in mold qualification mirror an ongoing transition to a more systematic approach to mold manufacturing. Meanwhile, a culture of ownership ensures a full buy-in from veteran employees as well as fresh talent attracted through extensive workforce development efforts.

Westminster Tool Inc

2014 Leadtime Leader Awards Winner: Westminster Tool Inc.—Bridging the Gap without Losing Focus
A strong sense of self and a focus on people enabled this mold manufacturer to rapidly expand pre- and post-manufacturing services without getting overwhelmed by its own growth.

Design Phactory

The Design Phactory: Churning Out Creative, Complex Mold Designs
“Mold builders make the best designers.”

mold making software

Think Metric, Part 3
Insight from several technology suppliers—in design software, mold components, programming, machines, cutting tools and measurement equipment who have been following the metric trend—may help to make the transition a smooth one.

Mega-Cell: Moldmaking Automation
The Mega-Cell is a production system that ties together all available opportunities to automate and control the process.

mega cell production system

Raising the Bar on Better
A look at one project to move away from traditionally customized moldmaking toward a level of complete automation that raises the bar on accuracy, repeatability and control.

micro mold owners

2013 Leadtime Leader Awards: Honorable Mention Micro Mold Company, Inc.: Partnering to Push the Limits
This mold manufacturer wins the 2013 Leadtime Leader Honorable Mention title because it exceeds expectations with a team mentality—stemming from its youthful leadership working closely with skilled tradesmen—that sees customers, its sister molding company and industry associations as true partners.

tech mold

2013 Leadtime Leader Awards: Winner Tech Mold Inc.
A three-division approach, technology innovation and a grow-your-own skilled workforce allows this mold manufacturer to balance the entire moldmaking process — ensuring continued success and landing it this year’s 2013 Leadtime Leader Award Winner title.

solidworks design software

3D Design Software Reduces Cycle Time by 75 Percent and Increases Product Quality
Cool Pak chose SolidWorks® design software because it is easy to use, facilitates mold development and is fully integrated with the Gold Partner Certified CAMWorks™ machining system, which the company uses to run its CNC equipment to create tooling.

high speed machining close up

2011 Leadtime Leader Awards: Large Shop Honorable Mention
MSI Mold Builders: Redefining Mold Manufacturing with Incremental Approval Approach.

420SS hard milling

2011 Leadtime Leader Awards: Small Shop Winner
Mold-Tech, Inc.: Technology-Driven, Detail-Oriented Precision Injection Mold Provider.

Robotic interface

2010 Leadtime Leader Award Small Shop Winner Mold Craft, Inc.: Innovation with Automation
With an average leadtime of eight weeks, Mold Craft, Inc. (Willernie, MN)—this year’s Small Shop Leadtime Leader Award Winner—builds tight-tolerance, high-volume, multi-cavity and multi-mold projects that produce small, intricate, precision plastic parts.

Process errors

Avoid Chasing CNC Variability with CAM
Moldmakers who produce tooling for medical devices and many other high precision molded products have been under increasingly greater pressure to reduce the variability of tooling components manufactured on their CNC equipment. One way they attempt to do this is by carefully adjusting offsets in the CAM program to compensate for variations in their equipment’s volumetric accuracy. Sometimes this works, other times not. Either way, the toolmaker pays a heavy penalty.

5-axis machine

Equipment Expansion Lands Additional Customers
Adding equipment to the shop floor not only accommodates existing customers, but also can serve as an investment in securing work from new customers.

Solid model

Feature-Based CNC Programming Cuts Programming Time by 25 to 75 Percent
Moldmaker switches to new programming software that auto-matically recognizes features and allows the programmer to define a process for the feature that can be repeated each time a similar feature is encountered; and, allows for more timesavings via its improved rest machining and trochoidal milling capabilities.

Product Categories of Dassault Systemes

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CAE (Computer Aided Engineering)
CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing)
Data Management Software
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