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Pascal Forrer

Rego-Fix Names New Global Sales and Marketing Director
Rego-Fix names Pascal Forrer to its Switzerland-based management team.

Technology Showcase: Heading to Westec?
If you’re planning to head west to attend Westec, billed as “the West Coast’s Leading Manufacturing Event,” today’s blog is a slideshow preview of products you can expect to see there.

Rego-Fix PGU 9000

WESTEC 2017: Toolholding Collet System Uses Mechanics to Create Grip Force
Rego-Fix’s PowRGrip system has interchangeable collets and holds both carbide and high speed steel tools.

end mills

SLIDESHOW: Technology Showcase, Cutting Tools
Need cutting tools? There are so many to choose from it can be almost overwhelming, but here are a few MMT has showcased in recent months just in case you missed them.

Rego-Fix Tooldyne toolholder balancing machine

Tool Balancing Machine is Permanently Calibrated
Rego-Fix and Schenck Corp. have collaborated on the Tooldyne balancing machine with an integrated measuring station and control system for accurate balancing of a range of toolholders.

MMT's October Digital Edition Is Now Available
Check out five tips from this month's features on cutting tools, hot runner technology, data management, mold components and mold maintenance and repair.

toolholding systems

High Precision in 3 Microns
Low runout is the key to accurate, strong, rigid, vibration-free toolholding.

Rego-Fix retrofit reCool coolant-through system for static toolholders

Retrofit System Expands Cooling to Static Tooling
Rego-Fix has expanded its retrofit reCool coolant-through system for live tooling on CNC lathes to bring internal cooling capabilities to static toolholders on Swiss automatic machines.

Rego-Fix powRgrip 9500 toolholding system

Toolholding Line Adds Smaller-Size Clamping Unit
Rego-Fix Tool Corp. has extended its powRgrip line of toolholding systems to include the 9500, an automatic clamping unit that operates in the same manner as the company’s other clamping units, but is smaller in size, has fewer moving parts, incorporates durable proximity switches and has a streamlined exterior design.

Advanced Tooling

Rego-Fix Anti-Pull System Locks in Collets, Cutters
Combining powerful gripping strength with a patented locking key system and threaded cap, Rego-Fix’s secuRgrip anti-pullout system is designed to eliminate cutter slippage by locking in collets and cutters when machining expensive, tough materials in high-material-removal applications.

Tooling Advancements

Advanced Tooling Systems
advanced tooling systems

Precision Toolholding Optimizes Tire Mold Production
Case Study / Toolholding / Automotive

Expanded Clamping Range
Designed to provide a greater clamping range for its customers, REGO-FIX® (Indianapolis, IN) offers powRgrip® PG 32, the latest expansion to the company’s powRgrip toolholding system.

Greater Clamping Range
REGO-FIX® (Indianapolis, IN) will be showcasing the recently introduced powRgrip® PG 32, designed to provide a greater clamping range for its customers that uses a toolholder and collet to generate the highest clamping force in the industry—higher than any shrink-fit holder—while still maintaining a T.I.R of less than 0.0001”. Customers can clamp tool shanks ranging up to 1" in diameter, and the toolholding system is ideal for high-speed machining applications and offers an extensive taper selection, including CAT, BT, HSK and TC versions.

REGO-FIX Swiss Precision Tools
Since the invention of the ER collet in 1972 by REGO-FIX, we have been manufacturing high quality and high precision products.

powRgrip PG 32
Designed to provide a greater clamping range for its customers, REGO-FIX® introduces powRgrip® PG 32, the latest expansion to the company’s powRgrip toolholding system.

CF collets
Designed for use with REGO-FIX’s revolutionary powRgrip toolholding system, the new line of powRgrip coolant flush (CF) collets range in diameter from 3mm (0.1181”) to 20mm (0.7874”) and are compatible with the PG 10, PG 15 and the PG 25 series.

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