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Technology Tuesday: All about Aluminum
Cruise through this week’s Technology Tuesday slideshow to brush up on your knowledge of aluminum, its benefits, the challenges it poses for moldmaking and strategies for overcoming those challenges.

Shop Boasts Short Lead Times for Aluminum Production Molds
Phoenix Proto Technologies uses high-speed five-axis CNC machining to produce molds like the QC-10 aluminum one shown here within short lead times.

aluminum molds

Cutting Aluminum Faster
Sometimes high-speed CNC machinery with the latest software can cut much faster, requiring less EDM work.

automotive instrument panel light guide

Expanding Aluminum’s Potential
Hard-coating provides a number of benefits that make aluminum tooling an attractive alternative to steel.

injection mold component

How to Bridge the Gap with Aluminum Tooling
Whether you call it bridge tooling, soft tooling, pilot production, semi-production or aluminum production tooling, it still refers to producing pre-production quantities of plastic products with potential final part volumes in the millions.

one cavity MUD mold

Is Your Concept of Production Costing You Money?
Common misconceptions about aluminum tooling may affect your next mold material selection.

A side aluminum mold

Let’s Be Clear About Aluminum
Within the injection molding industry, a negative perception of aluminum for anything but prototype plastic parts persists, despite aluminum tooling being able to produce and run almost any resin that steel can, as well as produce millions of shots with unfilled resin with uniform results.

View a Fully Automated Work Cell Featuring the Newest Innovations in Injection Molding, Robotics and Aluminum Tooling
Learn more about Electric Injection Molding Machines and Aluminum Tooling in a production environment before purchasing conventional tooling.

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