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2018 Technology Review and Sourcing Guide: Hot Runners
MoldMaking Technology’s annual Technology Review and Sourcing Guide is an accurate, comprehensive, easy-to-read and easy-to-use use guide for researching today’s technology, equipment, products and services. The year’s latest moldmaking product developments within mold engineering/design, build and maintenance/repair are broken down into 10 sections, including hot runners.

MMT 1017 hot runner supplement cover

Special Coverage: Hot Runner Technology
MoldMaking Technology provides special coverage of hot runner technology as a supplement to the October 2017 magazine. Read the entire supplement here, or check out the supplement page to read each article individually.

Osco's Multi-Gate Nozzle

Switch to Hot Runners Pays Off for Pulley Molder
Retlaw has cut scrap, improved part quality and slashed cycles since adopting hot runner technology.

Osco nozzles

Hot Sprue Nozzle Has Two Heaters for Thermoplastic Resin Processing
The Osco 35 Series hot sprue nozzle (HSN-35) has a head heater and a heater for the tip.

Unisig USC

SLIDESHOW: Technology Showcase, Amerimold Exhibitor Products
Manufacturing trends are constantly changing, and in this thriving global marketplace, it's very important that you keep up with the latest processes, techniques and applications to ensure your company can be an active part of the industry. Take a look at more of the technology to be on display next week at Amerimold.

Osco Jumbo valve gate nozzle

Single-Drop Valve-Gate Nozzle Produces Large Parts
Osco’s Jumbo valve-gate nozzle is designed for large shot sizes and shear-sensitive resins.

mold craft amerimold 2016

Slideshow: Amerimold 2016 Preview
This annual tradeshow and technical conference addresses the business development, best practices and networking interests of the plastic injection mold manufacturing industry. Here's a small sampling of what attendees will see this year.

Osco MGM multiple-gate nozzles

Multiple-Gate Nozzles Feature as Many as 18 Probes
Osco will display its MGN multiple-gate nozzles with as many as 18 probes, as well as samples of large parts molded with its large SCV single-cavity valve gate.

hot runner system

Multiple Impact
Incorporating multiple-gate nozzles means smaller molds, small presses, a balanced fill rate, reduced residence time, temperature control and design flexibility.

Hybrid Multiple-Gate Nozzle Suits Close-Gate Applications
Osco’s MGN Hybrid, a hybrid multiple-gate nozzle (MGN) system, offers design flexibility for applications with close center-to-center gate requirements coupled with longer nozzle lengths and specific application needs.

amerimold 2015

Slideshow: Amerimold 2015 Preview
Considered THE event for mold manufacturing, Amerimold covers many facets of the industry, from its exhibits to its technical conference. Here's a small sampling of what will be highlighted for attendees.

multi tip hot runner nozzles

Slideshow: NPE2015
Check out some of the technology that was featured at this year's event.

Multiple-Gate Nozzles Handle High-Temp Resins
Osco Runnerless Molding Systems displayed adaptations to its multiple-gate nozzle (MGN) line, including the Hybrid MGN, MGN-Mini and H-Style for resins that process in the 700°F range.

Nozzles, Controller and Hot Sprue
Osco has a completely new nozzle series, PSN (Performance Series Nozzle) features more throughput while requiring a smaller footprint in the mold by incorporating larger resin feed channels, larger gates, within a nozzle that uses a newly designed heater.

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