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AMBA Plant Tour at Amerimold 2019 - Craftsman

Association Update, September 2019: News and Reviews from Industry Organizations
News and reviews from the American Mold Builders Association (AMBA) and Canadian Association of Mold Makers (CAMM), and The Mold Technologies Division of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE).

Fredy Nevas (right) helps form laser-cut parts on the company's press brake.

Today's Workforce Needs More than Metalworking Skills to Thrive
Three mold manufacturing companies share how their workforce development strategies have evolved to meet the needs of today’s industry.

Guellor Makabu, apprentice at MSI Mold Builders

Blazing Multiple Trails to Successful Recruitment and Training
Several mold manufacturing companies have shared how their workforce development strategies have evolved to meet the needs of today’s industry. Here, MSI Mold Builders describes its apprenticeship program, its collaboration with nearby schools and its approach to generating interest in the industry and then in MSI Mold Builders as a place to foster a career.

Tooling Trailblazer of the Year Award

Hurrah for the Trailblazers
MSI Mold Builders was named Tooling Trailblazer of the Year by the American Mold Builders Association for its exceptional efforts to promote moldmaking as a career. The award was presented during the AMBA’s annual conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Leadtime Leader Q&A: Mold Material Matters
MoldMaking Technology's Leadtime Leaders share their views on mold material.

Cavalier President Brian Bendig stands next to OPS Ingersoll Eagle 1200 gantry.

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Leadtime Leader Q&A: Krieger Craftsmen and MSI Mold Builders
We invited last year’s Leadtime Leader winner and honorable mention shops to share some of their thoughts about some hot industry topics.

Builder Specializes in Medium- to Large-Tonnage Molds
MSI Mold Builders recently completed upgrades to both of its facilities located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Greenville, South Carolina, increasing its lifting, machining and mold sampling capabilities.

Size Isn’t Everything
This shop thrives on manufacturing very large molds, but its latest machine purchase also reveals much about its plans to process that work as efficiently as possible.

horizontal mold configuration

Angling for “Big” Advantages in Automotive Tooling
This shop hopes to capitalize on growing opportunities in a different market by adding to its large-part machining capacity.

Manufacture Your Way to Lower Taxes with the R&D Tax Credit
We've covered how companies in the plastics industry can benefit from the R&D Tax Credit before, but tomorrow you can hear directly from a mold builder who has taken advantage of this tax credit.

large container mold

The Hybrid Mold
Hybrid cars, hybrid flowers, hybrid corn, so why not hybrid molds?

More Sightings at NPE 2012
Straight from the NPE trade show floor

Greeting From NPE2012!
Seems like one of the happiest places on the earth this week as Sherry and I walk the show floor at NPE2012 Orlando, FL. Early reports note that this year's event has surpassed earlier NPEs in scope and diversity, with a new venue, make-up, events and first-time participants.

2012 Leadtime Leader Awards

Ten Years Worth of Leadtime Leaders

And the 2011 Leadtime Leader Award Winners Are ...
United Tool & Mold, Inc., Mold-Tech, Inc., MSI Mold Builders and JM Mold South.

Honoring Industry
Innovation. Efficiency. Quality. Commitment.—2011 Leadtime Leaders announced, Advisory Board members introduced and industry leader paid tribute.

United Tool & Mold Inc

And the 2011 Leadtime Leader Award Winners Are ...
Announcing the 2011 Winners and Honorable Mentions.

Tim Atwood

2011-2012 Editorial Advisory Board: Introductions and Insights
With this year’s annual show issue, we welcome MoldMaking Technology’s new editorial advisory board for 2011-2012.

MSI Mold Builders Becomes ISO Certified;Adds Equipment
MSI Mold Builders, a leading manufacturer of injection and blow molds for thermoplastic parts for a variety of industries, has achieved its ISO 9001:2008 Certification. The company has long been known for its advances in Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, and 5S processes at its facilities.Toby Bral, MSI’s Quality Manager, says, “We’re a very process-driven organization and achieving our ISO certification helped us better document our processes. While we’ve always had a formal process with respect to our design and manufacturing, the ISO Certification helps us maintain and improve our systems with formal internal audits and corrective actions. Plus, we’ve honed our processes by adding complete traceability to make it easier to back-track the steps and get to the root cause of a problem.” Bral also notes that many of its customers, particularly those in the Heavy Truck industry, require their suppliers to be ISO certified.In addition to its ISO Certification, MSI Mold Builders will be expanding its capabilities by adding new equipment in the next several months. “We’ve budgeted for new equipment, and have purchased one smaller 3-axis CNC machining center,” Roger Klouda, MSI’s President said. MSI has also identified an additional 5-axis machining center for the Iowa plant with approximately 40” x 40” travel to more efficiently manufacture smaller molds and components. This will be MSI’s fourth 5-axis machine, with the largest two 5-axis machines having 65” x 110” travel capacity.Klouda notes that business is improving steadily over 2009, and he expects sales to be up 20% over 2009 by year end 2010. “Currently we’re putting a lot of our growth in the South Carolina facility, including the recent addition of a 500-ton sampling press, because that plant has more capacity, and there are many good growth opportunities in the Southeast,” he adds.

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