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Plastics Machinery Expectations and Shipments Stay Strong
The Committee on Equipment Statistics of SPI conducts a quarterly survey of plastics machinery suppliers that asks about present market conditions and future expectations. Responses reveal an upbeat attitude that is broad-based across the industry. When asked about future expectations or market conditions, 87 percent of the respondents expect conditions to stay the same or even improve in the coming quarter, and 95 percent expect them to hold steady or get better during the next 12 months.

A Lot of Data, but One Conclusion: There is More Work to Do
This week is heavier than usual in terms of important economic data releases.

Medical and Automotive
Output of Medical Supplies and Equipment Still Strong; Trend in Motor Vehicle Assemblies Remains Robust

Packaging and Aerospace
Packaging Market Outlook: Steady Now, Accelerating Later; Aerospace Market Outlook: Too Much Congressional Ineptitude

Flying Blind
Usually, I have the pleasure of using this blog to report on trends in the economic and market data that affect moldmakers. But since the government shutdown last week there has been very little data upon which to comment. So ...

The Government Shutdown: Short-term Pain, Long-term Disaster
OK, now I'm upset. Every workday morning I fire up my computer, log onto the Internet, and read all of the relevant economic data releases for that day. But when Congress decided to allow the shutdown of the federal government yesterday, one of the many bureaus that was closed was the Census Bureau. And since nobody is currently working at the Census Bureau, there is nobody there to release the data that they usually report every month.

Medical and Consumer Products
Output of Medical Equipment and Supplies Remains Robust; Domestic Production of Consumer Goods Holding Steady

U.S. Economy Still Plodding Along, But 2014 Will Be Strong
There are still a few more weeks before the end of September, but the end of the third quarter is now in sight. And barring any dramatic change in the economic landscape, it is clear from the data that has been reported for the third quarter that the U.S. economy continues to grow at the same tepid pace that has prevailed since the Great Recession ended four years ago.

Demand for Consumer Goods Will Increase
A lack of final demand has been felt by all segments of the manufacturing sector, especially moldmakers. However, this situation is gradually improving, and an increasing number of indicators suggest that spending activity will accelerate in the coming months. One sector that has already experienced a nice increase in demand is the auto sector.

Capacity Utilization Rates for Plastics Processors Rising
Every month, the Federal Reserve Board compiles and reports data that measures the activity levels of U.S. plastics processors. One of the data series is the industrial production index for plastics products and the other is the capacity utilization rate for U.S. plastics and rubber processors. Both are crucial for moldmakers because they are good indicators of how fast the industry is growing (or contracting), and when new capacity needs to be added in order to keep up with rising demand.

2nd Quarter GDP Stats Indicate that Growth Is Accelerating
If you follow this blog you may recall that last week I warned readers that the rate of economic growth in the second quarter was likely to be quite low. Based on analyses of the monthly data series that measure macro economic activity in the U.S., the most reliable models were predicting that the growth rate for the total GDP figure sank as low as 0.5% in Q2. Well, I am happy to report that this prediction was too pessimistic.

Aerospace/Defense and Energy/Power Generation
Total Output of Aerospace Products Will Decline This Year; U.S. Demand for Electricity Is Steadily Creeping Higher

End Market Reports: Computer and Medical
U.S. Computer Industry Emerging from Slump; Production of Medical Supplies and Equipment Is Accelerating

End Market Report: Automotive and Consumer, May 2013
Solid Year Expected for Automotive; Solid Year Expected for Automotive

Hot Runner Data Provides Insight into Mold Market
The Committee for Equipment Statistics of the Society of the Plastics Industry has started to compile and report data on the market for hot runners. This is a new data set, so the amount of statistical analysis that can be performed is limited. But the trend in market demand for hot runners should ultimately prove quite interesting to moldmakers.

Packaging and Aerospace
Packaging Outlook: Stable to Better; Aerospace Industry was Strong in 2012-- Can It Sustain the Momentum?

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