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How to Maintain and/or Upgrade a Robot
Create a strategic plan to manage the lifecycle of a robot.

modular clamping system

Technology Tuesday: Automation Fuels Productivity
Cruise through this week’s Technology Tuesday blog to see ways in which automation is boosting productivity and efficiency in moldmaking.

Cutting along dynamic toolpath

Technology Tuesday: Featured Films
Pass the popcorn, please! This week’s Technology Tuesday slideshow is all about videos that have supplemented feature articles and case studies in MoldMaking Technology over the past year.

Cobot in Action
The Motoman HC10 is the first collaborative robot to be introduced by Yaskawa outside Japan. HC stands for “Human Collaborative”. The prototype, with a range of 1.2 m and handling weight of 10 kg, is planned to be certified according to technical specification ISO TS15066.

Robot collaboration with worker

The True Cost of Cobots
Defining expectations and determining the ROI of collaborative robots help guide sound investment choices.

Students Learn About Automation Career Paths During National Robotics Week
In celebration of National Robotics Week, Yaskawa Motoman provided facility tours for student groups from local high schools, universities and career centers.

Yaskawa Motoman MH280 II robot

Machine-Tending Robot Offers Heavy Payload
The MH280 II robot from Yaskawa Motoman is designed to eliminate the inconsistencies of a manual process, improving production quality and providing cost-savings benefits in metal, polymer, ceramic and composite applications.

Injection Molding Software Lets Users Develop Robot Programs
The SPI Pendant graphical interface, developed for Yaskawa Motoman robots used in plastic injection molding, provides the ability to quickly create and modify programs without knowledge of the company’s proprietary Inform robot programming language.


Adding Value with Robotics
A robot may not directly make the final part, but it can add value to the overall process, if its use is properly planned and executed.

robot generation

Avoid Unplanned Downtime with Predictive Robot Data
Production success relies on manufacturing equipment as much as it does on employees.

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