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As Seen In MoldMaking Technology Receives a Revamp launches an updated technology platform that makes it easy for professionals to find the right suppliers and manufacturers and reach new customers.

Tips and Strategies for Expanding Your Business
The last few years have affected most small businesses tremendously, but the ones who managed to weather the storm are the ones who were able to adapt to all the major changes in the market.

Paradigm Partners has Selected as a Strategic Partner With The Goal of Further Educating the Manufacturing Industry about Lucrative Tax Incentives
Paradigm Partners is privileged to formally partner with to further enhance its industry leading online marketplace.

The Death of the Cold Call
Manufacturers must seize upon the changing sourcing landscape to grow and diversify their businesses by embracing the changes the Web has brought to sourcing and supply chain management.

Price vs. Cost: Why It’s Important to You and to Your Customers
Your marketing message is more important than ever—clues to what that is can be found in price and cost, and in your customers’ behaviors.

Is Exporting an Option?
Change is extraordinarily difficult for businesses, but few face the challenges that North American moldmakers face. Exporting may be an option, but finding the right solution is the key.

What Buyers Want May Not Be What They Want
Rather than asking “What Do Buyers Want?” it makes more sense to target the “pain points” that buyers in manufacturing and industrial markets are feeling these days and model your messaging and tactics to define your business as “pain relief.”

Street Cred: Capitalizing On Current Conditions And Best Practices
There are areas of opportunity for your business, but all may require changing or adapting to capitalize. Change is the single most difficult characteristic to successfully manage for any business at any stage, let alone in times like these when change is so prevalent and harsh.

Amateurs Talk Tactics, Professionals Talk Logistics
A friend of mine likes to use this phrase from the military to guide and assess business strategies. I think it applies to the U.S. as a guide to regain and grow a strong manufacturing base. “We need a clearly enunciated, lucid, pragmatic national manufacturing policy in the U.S. And we need it now.” You may read that and think it’s an obvious thing to say. But if it is, why don’t we have one?

Supply Chain Risk, Volatility Offer Opportunity
As I write this, reports are circulating about the U.S. economy showing signs of rebounding. But until unemployment begins to rise with any significance and housing foreclosures slow down, I’m skeptical. Without demand, there’s no supply. But as precarious as things are—and as far as U.S. manufacturing has suffered during and before this Great Recession—opportunities do still exist for machining businesses in the U.S.

If You’re Not Meaningfully Unique, You’d Better Be Cheap
These are the words of Doug Hall (, founder of Eureka! Ranch and P&G brand-building wunderkind. It is also the mantra for the U.S. government’s latest initiative to lead manufacturing in this country into the new century. The goal of the new administration’s plan is to help transition discrete manufacturing companies—small and midsized manufacturers (SMMs)—from the “old” economic model (based on commodity and price) to a “new” economic model based on innovation, technology and “green.”

How Success Happens
All too often lately, I sense a feeling of entitlement in some areas of manufacturing. I know how that sounds—U.S. manufacturers rightly believe that they’ve been bludgeoned over the past 20 years or so by government trade policies, along with a shifting perception in our culture that a career in manufacturing is in some way less-than-noble/lucrative/rewarding. But there are some SMMs that I speak with who say things are hopeless. They tell me that their industry and government have abandoned them, and there’s nothing they can do about it.

Eight-cavity injection mold

Using the Internet to Start Your Diversification Strategy
Rather than downsize or give up, one mold shop decided to find new opportunities to apply their skills and equipment, outside of the local moldmaking industry using an online marketplace.

Part Two of a Two-Part Series How Online Communities Can Help Your Business

Part Two of a Two-Part Series How Online Communities Can Help Your Business
Last month, the networking and marketing benefits your shop and business can get from online communities (OCs) were examined. This month, the advantages OCs can provide for your own Web site’s visibility and prominence, which result in more exposure to motivated prospects and more leads, will be discussed. And the easiest way to understand the value of OCs in this regard is if you first understand the term “guanxi.”

On-Demand Manufacturing and Personalization

On-Demand Manufacturing and Personalization
On-demand manufacturing and “open source” projects enabled by the Internet, combined with other fascinating technological advances, will change how all of us buy, sell and consume goods. They have the collective potential to allow people around the world to specify every imaginable attribute of any product they want, when they want it. And it will affect your business sooner than you might think—because it’s already happening.

The Declining U.S. Dollar: An Opportunity for Manufacturers?
The majority of Americans have long viewed the Canadian currency as “funny money,” but now with the Canadian dollar being valued higher than the U.S. dollar the tables have turned. The U.S. dollar has been on a slow decline against the Euro since January 2003—the last time that the two currencies were basically even. In November 2007, the dollar hit an all-time low trading at nearly 11 percent lower than January of the same year.

SEO: Three Letters That Will Change the Way You Do Business
If you own a small manufacturing business and have a Web site or if you are looking to launch one in the near future, learning a little bit more about search engine optimization is something you might want to consider.

Managing Expenses = Managing Your Business
Are you managing your expenses as well as you are managing your customers?

The Value of a Customer
Value is as much about the ancillary costs to you as the revenue you get from the customer.

Reference Selling
One of the best methods for finding new customers is having your existing happy customers lead you to new ones. This column will talk about reference selling, what it means and how to do it.

Urgent or Important?
Your phone is ringing, is that urgent or important? It’s easy to let the day slip away doing things that seem urgent, but have little importance as it relates to the goals we wanted to accomplish that day. Learn how to prioritize and focus on the important.

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