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For over 50 years, Methods Machine Tools, Inc. has led the introduction of game-changing machine tools and productivity technology to progressive manufacturers.

As Seen In MoldMaking Technology

Figure of Methods Machine Tools automation cell

Robotics Work on 3D Parts to Increase Throughput in Automation Cell
Automation cell from Methods Machine Tools Inc. integrates 3D-printed parts with post-process machining operations

modular clamping system

Technology Tuesday: Automation Fuels Productivity
Cruise through this week’s Technology Tuesday blog to see ways in which automation is boosting productivity and efficiency in moldmaking.

okuma machine

Technology Showcase: Case Studies, Part 2
For the many differences between moldmaking companies that I’ve observed, there are just as many similarities, and by that I mean challenges shared. You may find some solutions here.

Methods to Host Advanced Hard Milling and High Speed Machining Expo
Event will be held on March 29 and 30, and is designed to demonstrate and educate attendees on how to achieve unprecedented precision, surface finish and productivity.

Methods Machine Tools to Exhibit and Present at Automate 2017
Methods Machine Tools will demonstrate post-processing applications and presenting a conference session on automation at Automate 2017.


SLIDESHOW: Technology Showcase, Inspection and Measurement
Looking to step up your best practices for verification of the molds and parts you manufacture? Check out our slideshow for highlights of some of the latest inspection and measurement equipment introduced in the last year.


SLIDESHOW: Technology Showcase, EDM
This week’s Technology Showcase is all EDM, with several new products on the market that were introduced during 2016.

verisurf software

SLIDESHOW: Technology Showcase, Inspection and Measurement
No matter what size moldmaking operation you may own or work at, you need inspection and measurement at critical stages of the process to drive efficiencies and profitability. So here are a few of the latest products we’ve heard about that you may also wish to see.

3D inspection

Methods 3d Announces New U.S. Additive Manufacturing Labs
Methods 3D, Inc., a newly formed subsidiary of Methods Machine Tools, Inc., continues to broaden its presence in 3D printing through the completion of seven additive manufacturing laboratories strategically located across the U.S.

Methods Machine Tools Yasda YBM 9150 CNC jig borer

CNC Jig Borer Offers Ample Work Envelope for Moldmaking
Despite its space-saving footprint, the three-axis Yasda YBM 9150 CNC jig borer, available from Methods Machine Tools, features a large work envelope and XYZ-axis travel of 61" × 37" × 18" (1,500 × 900 × 540 mm), making it well-suited for applications such as mold bases.

Five-Axis Solution to High Mold Surface Finish Accuracy
A five-axis vertical CNC jig boring-milling machine that offers the exceptionally high accuracy needed for moldmaking.

Yasda YBM Vi40

Five-Axis Machining Eliminates LSR Flash
Sometimes taking a different view of a problem can bring about a successful solution.

Methods FANUC RoboCut α-CiB series

Wire EDM Machines Combine Speed, Precision
Available from Methods Machine Tools, the FANUC RoboCut α-CiB series of wire EDMs are designed for high precision, fast rapid traverse rates and expedited setups.

Methods 3D ProX DMP 320

Direct Metal 3D Printer for Titanium, Stainless, Nickel Super Alloy
Methods 3D, a subsidiary of Methods Machine Tools, will be showcasing the ProX DMP 320, part of the company’s growing line of direct metal 3D printers from 3D Systems.

PBZ HD 600 profile machining center

SLIDESHOW: Technology Showcase: Machining
With moldmakers continuing to up their game by investing in the latest machining technology, IMTS offers a huge menu of machine tool options. Here is just a sampling of what will be on the show floor next month.

Vertex 55X-H

SLIDESHOW: Technology Showcase, AM and Materials
Additive manufacturing is changing the way we think about making things and anything mold material-related remains a hot topic for MMT readers. Here is a sampling of some machine tool builders offering AM solutions as well as a few material product solutions you may have missed.

Peter S. Jung

Peter Jung Appointed Marketing Manager at Methods Machine Tools
Methods Machine Tools, the Sudbury, MA-based supplier of innovative precision machine tools, automation and accessories, recently appointed Peter S. Jung to the position of Marketing Manager.

Brittany Speroni

Methods Machine Tools Engineer Brittany Speroni Honored as 30 Under 30 Recipient
Brittany Speroni, a mechanical engineer at Methods Machine Tools, was named as a 2015 recipient of Manufacturing Engineering Magazine's 30 Under 30 awards in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). A total of 30 young manufacturing professionals from across the country were chosen for their exceptional talent and leadership in STEM.

Multitasking Turning Center Offers Long Bed with Subspindle
The Nakamura-Tome AS-200LMY-S multitasking turning center from Methods Machine Tools features a long bed with subspindle for increased machining options.

Methods Machine Tools

Methods TechFest 2015 Explores the Future of Manufacturing
Methods Machine Tools, Inc., recently hosted TechFest2015 – “Manufacturing the Future." The two-day event took place at the company's corporate technology center and showroom in Sudbury, Massachusetts.

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