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2020 Sourcing & Technology Guide: Additive Manufacturing
MoldMaking Technology’s annual Technology Review and Sourcing Guide is a comprehensive guide for researching today’s technology, equipment, products and services with 11 sections, including Additive Manufacturing.


Cutter Considerations for Hybrid Additive Manufacturing
Four tips for applying the right cutting tools in hybrid additive manufacturing.

Amerimold Connects Product Showcase, Part 2
Plan ahead for Amerimold Connects with a sneak peek of some highlighted products from OSG USA Inc., Hasco America, Inc., Best Tool & Engineering Company Inc., the American Mold Builders Association , Cheto Corporation and Matsuura Machinery USA Inc.

Hybrid Milling Machine Effectively Vents Gas

Hybrid Milling Machine Effectively Vents Gas
Matsuura Machinery USA Inc.’s Lumex technology makes effective mold/gas venting possible and improves the quality of molds.

Hybrid Additive Machining Produces Accurate Parts from Metal Powders

Hybrid Additive Machining Produces Accurate Parts from Metal Powders
Hybrid additive/subtractive machining produces highly accurate parts from metal powders that are melted and sintered using a laser while surfaces are precisely milled at high speeds.

Matsuura Machinery USA Announces Personnel Changes

Matsuura Machinery USA Announces Personnel Changes
Matsuura Machinery USA, Inc. announces personnel additions and promotions.

A mold component laser welded at Quality Mold Inc.

Expertise in Mold Repair and Revisions Makes Quality Mold Inc. A Valuable, Full-Service Resource
Quality Mold Inc. does everything in house including mold repair and refurbishment. Customers also benefit by a mold warranty, financing and guidance. 

PODCAST: A 3-in-1 Force in Mold Manufacturing Looks for Problems
This mold manufacturer considers itself an engineering company with a focus on people and solving problems. In this episode of The Manufacturing Alliance, we dissect how three companies operate as one to provide creative solutions to complex manufacturing challenges.    

VIDEO: Custom Mold & Design Talks Hybrid Additive Manufacturing
Lester Jones, VP of Custom Mold & Design discusses the shop's use of its Matsuura Lumex Avance-25 hybrid AM machine for creating conformal-cooled inserts with MoldMaking Technology Editorial Director Christina Fuges.  

plastic part showing cooling

Mold Builder Learns How to Use Hybrid AM to Build Conformal-Cooled Inserts
It is one thing to understand additive technology, but it is another to know when to invest, who to partner with and how to sell its value.

plastic part and 3D-printed mold

Video: Metal AM Affects Plastics Production via Conformal Cooling
Additive manufacturing allows cooling channels within mold tooling inserts to follow the form of the tool rather than being straight drilled holes. Here’s why this matters.

Matsuura USA Expands Personnel

Matsuura USA Expands Personnel
Due to continued growth in recent months, Matsuura Machinery USA has expanded its sales and service departments, in addition to enlarging the staff of the Matsuura USA LUMEX Additive Manufacturing Center.

MMT Editorial Team with The Manufacturing Alliance Podcast

Live Show Floor Recap from Amerimold 2019
In the midst of exhibitors breaking down at the close of Amerimold 2019, the MoldMaking Technology editorial team set up shop at the MMT booth to do a live Manufacturing Alliance Podcast, sharing some immediate insight and feedback on this annual event.

2019 Technology Review: Additive Manufacturing

2019 Technology Review: Additive Manufacturing
MoldMaking Technology’s 2019 Technology Review and Sourcing Guide offers some of the latest highlighted products and services from supplier companies from a variety of categories, including additive manufacturing.

An X-Cell Tool and Mold team member sets up a Yasda for lights-out machining.

2019 Leadtime Leader Award Winner: X-Cell Tool and Mold Inc.–The Continuous Drive for Perfection
Continued investment in new technologies and automation has enabled this moldmaker to maintain shorter lead times no matter how large or complex the mold build.

Makino in-booth demo of CNC at Amerimold 2018

Amerimold 2019: Attendees Will Benefit from Educational In-Booth Demos
Amerimold presents in-booth demonstrations of 3D printing, machining, hot runners, mold maintenance, molding, and more.

Shannon Collett, Matsuura Machinery USA Inc.

Matsuura Machinery USA Announces New Personnel Appointments
Shannon Collett is named Matsuura LUMEX Administrator and Cassandra Yanke is promoted to Logistics and Project Manager.

Hybrid Milling Machine Fuses Metal Laser Sintering and High Speed
Matsuura Machinery USA, Inc. will exhibit the Lumex Avance-25 metal laser sintering hybrid milling machine at Amerimold.

Custom Mold & Design Chases Complex Mold and Production Part Projects with Top-of-the-Line Five-Axis, Screw, Mill/Turn, Additive and Molding Machines
Unique business model—with an eye on complex projects and an arsenal of machine technology to meet the required accuracy levels—raises the bar in mold and machined component manufacturing. 

Matsuura MX-850 PC4 five-axis VMC

Matsuura USA Will Host Imagine.Create.Innovate Open House
Matsurra Machinery USA will debut new, five-axis machining centers, present technology seminars and more at its open house event on April 23-24.

Matsuura Announces Open House
Matsuura Machinery hosts the Imagine.Create.Innovate Open House at its St. Paul, Minnesota facility.

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Additive Manufacturing Machines for composite parts
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Additive Manufacturing Machines—Material Extrusion
Additive Manufacturing Machines—Powder Bed Fusion
Five-Axis Machining Centers
Horizontal Machining Centers
Hybrid Additive-Manufacturing Machines