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At Makino, exceeding expectations isn't just a promise, it's a practice.

Makino - Where New Thinking Takes Shape

Makino's Die/Mold Technologies is in the Greater Detroit high-technology area, and is near the Chrysler Tech Center and Headquarters.

Makino - Where New Thinking Takes Shape

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Makino - Where New Thinking Takes Shape

Makino Online Seminar Series At Makino we're applying machining technology in new and innovative ways to make even the most challenging parts possible.

As Seen In MoldMaking Technology


IMTS Ripe with Mold and Die Technology
The complexities and tight tolerances of mold work make it a very demanding trade.

Heidenhain Visual Setup Control system

Automation and Connectivity Drive Machine-Tool Innovations
Machine tool and EDM suppliers are advancing their offerings to include automation, better controls, machine monitoring and new five-axis capabilities.

Amerimold 2018 logo

Scenes from Amerimold 2018 in Novi, Michigan
From technology demos and tech talks to awards and arcade games, Amerimold had much to offer industry this year.

Mazak Variaxis i-300 five axis vertical machining center

2018 Technology Review and Sourcing Guide: Machining
MoldMaking Technology’s annual Technology Review and Sourcing Guide is an accurate, comprehensive, easy-to-read and easy-to-use use guide for researching today’s technology, equipment, products and services. The year’s latest moldmaking product developments within mold engineering/design, build and maintenance/repair are broken down into 10 sections, including machining.

Get Up Close and Personal with Technology Demos at Amerimold
On top of our show floor Tech Talks, the event offers attendees the opportunity to see live presentations at select exhibitor booths on a specific technology or process, while demonstrating how it works live on the show floor.

Part being produced by Makino machining center.

Continuous Five-Axis Machining Method Reduces Tooling Costs
Makino introduces a line of five-axis continuous machines that rely on a continuous five-axis method to reduce tooling costs for die and mold machining.

Makino’s D200Z-graphite 5XC vertical machining center integrated with an automated cell that uses a Makino EDNC6 sinker EDM machine and an EROWA ERC80 robot.

Display Features Integration of Machining and Automation
Makino demonstrates graphite machining, EDM and automation in a combination of machine center and production cell at NPE2018.

modular clamping system

Technology Tuesday: Automation Fuels Productivity
Cruise through this week’s Technology Tuesday blog to see ways in which automation is boosting productivity and efficiency in moldmaking.

Erowa’s Robot Dynamic Linear handling system

Realizing EDM's Full Potential with Automation
EMO Hannover 2017 was a showcase for EDM developments, automation solutions and software for data-driven manufacturing.

An automated hard milling cell featuring two vertical machining centers tied to a common coordinate measuring machine

Using Automated Technology to Fill the Skills Gap
Process automation is one of the fastest-growing strategies for overcoming capacity constraints in a mold shop.

Makino 2017 Mold/Die Expo

Moldmakers Share Benefits of Makino Die/Mold Expo
Three mold manufacturers share their takeaways from the recent Makino Die/Mold Expo.

Makino Die/Mold Expo 2017

Three Takeaways from Die/Mold Expo
What do you gain by attending events like the Makino Die/Mold Expo that was held last week at the company’s Technology Center in Auburn Hills, Michigan? I asked a few of the moldmakers I met there to share their personal takeaways.

small and large die mold operations

Invest Now in Die/Mold Automation to Meet Growing Customer Demand
In today’s highly competitive global marketplace, there are two types of mold shop owners, (1) those who invest in new technology and automation to create innovative ways to meet customer demands for shorter lead times, more complex designs and tighter tolerances and (2) those show don’t invest and quickly fall behind other North American shops and low-cost, offshore manufacturers. Here is a case study from Makino about one mold builder who fits nicely into type number one.

An HMC with a pallet changer and modular fixturing system

Technology Showcase: Case Studies for MoldMaking
It’s time for another foray into past case study features that have been published in MoldMaking Technology Magazine.

Makino U6 wire EDM

Machinery Additions Accelerate Shop’s Growth
Six new Makino machines and updated processes allowed this moldmaker to penetrate new markets.

HMC Built for Large, Heavy Part Production
Makino’s a120nx horizontal machining center, the largest machining platform within the nx series, is designed for heavy-duty manufacturing of oversized components.

Makino Expands SST Consumables Business in Merger with Global EDM Supplies
Merger provides enhanced customer support, broader geographic presence and greater product diversity to SST


SLIDESHOW: Technology Showcase, EDM
This week’s Technology Showcase is all EDM, with several new products on the market that were introduced during 2016.

DMG MORI  Ecoline

SLIDESHOW: Technology Showcase, Machining
From adopting five-axis machining at a higher level to finding ways to "productionize" mold building to using more modular workholding, mold manufacturers are commited to investing in today's machining technology to stay on top of their game. Here is some of the latest product news.

Automated Die/Mold Machining Cell Can Boost Quality, Utilization
Makino offers machine technologies and engineering services that can help manufacturers implement machine automation for die/mold applications, including hard milling, graphite milling, five-axis machining, and sinker and wire EDM.

Product Categories of Makino

CNC Software
EDM Services
Graphite Electrode Machines
Horizontal Machining Centers
Machining Cells/Work Cells
Milling Machines
Sinker EDM
Small Hole EDM, or "Hole Popper"
Vertical Machining Centers
Wire EDM