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12 foot long compression mold

Manpower, Machine Time Maximized with Highly Accurate VMC
“Using highly accurate machines allows more efficient utilization of manpower and machine time—saving time and money for the customer and making BPM more profitable.”

Holder features simple external design

High-Speed Collet Toolholder Or Shrink-Fit Tooling
An in-depth look at the benefits of a quality high-speed collet toolholder reveals advantages over shrink-fit tooling for most high-speed applications.


Looking Sharp
Advancements in cutting tool/toolholder construction yield better stability and higher accuracy to achieve greater feedrates and increased productivity.


Part II: Spindles and Their Relationship to High-Speed Toolholders
Part two of this article instructs how to select a toolholder for high-speed and hard milling applications.

Part I: Spindles and Their Relationship to High-Speed Toolholders
There are many machine tool spindle options for high-speed machining. This first part of a two-part article illustrates the pros and cons about the many options available before making a decision.

Shrink fit toolholder

Shrink Fit Expands Its Market
Shrink fit toolholders offer moldmakers a series of benefits, including better high-speed machining.

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