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Company Profile

Family owned and operated, Kitamura Machinery has been developing state-of-the-art machine tools since 1933.

Double Column Machining Combines High Precision and High Speed with Heavy Duty Cutting Power

Don't be limited by C-Frame machines that may compromise accuracy.

As Seen In MoldMaking Technology

Kitamura Announces Northern Ohio Dealer and New VP of Sales

Kitamura Announces Northern Ohio Dealer and New VP of Sales
Kitamura Machinery has experienced some workforce developments, including naming Tipton Technologies as its Northern Ohio representative, and the hiring of Dave Lucius as vice president of Sales for the Americas.

Kitamura Machinery Adds CNC Solutions to Dealer Network
Kitamura Machinery adds CNC Solutions to its dealer network to offer exclusive sales and service for Kitamura’s line of horizontal, vertical and five-axis machining centers in Northern California and Northern Nevada.

Noteworthy News: Helping Hands

Noteworthy News: Helping Hands
As we hear so often in moldmaking, building relationships is one of the keys to a business’s success. So, here’s a look at some recent new releases detailing partnerships within the industry!

Kitamura Machinery, Reynolds Machinery Announce Partnership
Located in Dayton, OH, Reynolds will handle the Kitamura line of vertical, horizontal and five-axis machining Centers exclusively in southern Ohio and northern Kentucky.

FANUC employee working with FANUC robots on a tablet

Tradeshow Tuesday: On Display at IMTS 2018, Part 2
Check out this week’s slideshow to see some of what will be on display at the show.

Mazak Variaxis i-300 five axis vertical machining center

2018 Technology Review and Sourcing Guide: Machining
MoldMaking Technology’s annual Technology Review and Sourcing Guide is an accurate, comprehensive, easy-to-read and easy-to-use use guide for researching today’s technology, equipment, products and services. The year’s latest moldmaking product developments within mold engineering/design, build and maintenance/repair are broken down into 10 sections, including machining.

Kitamura’s Mycenter-2XD Sparkchanger

Technology Tuesday: A Mix of Machining Products
Cruise through this week’s Technology Tuesday slideshow to see the latest products in machining.

Kitamura Mycenter-HX250iG horizontal machining center

Machining Centers Designed for Complex Parts and Tough Materials
Kitmura introduces the Mycenter-HX250iG and Mycenter-HX500iG#50.

Sodick automatic wire threader

Technology Tuesday: EDM Success
Cruise through this week’s Technology Tuesday slideshow to see EDM units that shops across the country have used to increase capacity and leverage greater efficiency in their processes.

E 6350 gas springs

Technology Tuesday: The Latest Products
Cruise through this week’s Technology Tuesday slideshow to see some of the latest products.

Kitamura’s Anywhere-Remote on Kitamura Mytrunnion 4G machining center

Machine Monitoring Software Enables Remote Access of Key Data
Kitamura’s Anywhere-Remote enables access of machine information through email. The adaptor makes it possible to get information remotely from in-house machine monitoring software.

Cutting along dynamic toolpath

Technology Tuesday: Featured Films
Pass the popcorn, please! This week’s Technology Tuesday slideshow is all about videos that have supplemented feature articles and case studies in MoldMaking Technology over the past year. 

Pallet changer (left) in the Kitamura Mycenter-2XD Sparkcharger (right)

Vertical Machining Center Has Automatic Pallet Changer for Simplified Workpiece Loading
Kitamura’s Mycenter-2XD Sparkchanger is a vertical machining center that is suitable for three-axis machining.

Heidenhain's KGM 281 grid encoder

Technology Showcase: Machining, AM and Software
With Amerimold in our rear-view mirror for the time being, there are still several new products that have been released, or will be soon, to bring to MMT readers’ attention.

Someone’s Got a New “Kitty”

Someone’s Got a New “Kitty”
One company's investment in Kitamura machine tools keeps growing and business is growing along with it.

Kitamura Mycenter-4XiD

Larger VMCs Allow Small Shop to Go Bigger
Two Kitamura machines immediately gave this Michigan shop the ability to win jobs that were previously too large to even bid on.

Kitamura Bridgecenter-8F

No Compromises for Large-Mold Machining
Two double-column bridge-type VMCs reduced this operation’s reliance on outside suppliers without requiring trade-offs between power and precision.

With Many Milestones Being Hit This Year, Here Is a Big One

With Many Milestones Being Hit This Year, Here Is a Big One
This year has been a celebration of many anniversaries for companies serving the mold manufacturing industry with their technology and services. From the American Mold Builder's Association celebrating 40 years to Slide Products on its 60th, here is yet another company hitting a giant milestone with its machine tool technology development celebrating 80 years.

5-axis machine

Equipment Expansion Lands Additional Customers
Adding equipment to the shop floor not only accommodates existing customers, but also can serve as an investment in securing work from new customers.

cutting complex three 3-D shapes

Taking Control
An increased interest in five-axis machining—coupled with advances in controls and cutting tools—add up to finer surface finishes at higher speeds.

Product Categories of Kitamura Machinery of USA Inc.

Drilling Machines
Five-Axis Machining Centers
Graphite Electrode Machines
Hard Milling
High-Feed Milling
High-Speed Machining Centers
Horizontal Machining Centers
Jig Boring Machines
Machining Cells/Work Cells
Milling Machines
Vertical Machining Centers