INCOE Corporation

INCOE Corporation


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MoldMaking Technology's Top-Viewed October Content: Proper Cleaning, Efficiency and Troubleshooting

The MoldMaking Technology team has compiled this list of the top five items that you, our audience, have looked at the most. Check out these five items from October.

Direct Gated Valve Gate Component for More Controlled Melt Flow

Grace Nehls MoldMaking Technology

The SoftGate Velocity VG pin from INCOE allows for a “gentle” plastic flow to eliminate blemishes to the decorative film.

How to Troubleshoot "Actual" Hot Runner Controller Temperature

A first-person account of how one technology supplier did not give up until it solved the mystery of a recent part defect.

MultiPin Actuator Supports Multiple Valve Gate Nozzle Interconnections

Grace Nehls CompositesWorld

The INCOE pneumatic MultiPin valve gate actuator has a user-friendly valve pin, quick coupling and can accept up to 4 gate valves. 

INCOE Corporation

2850 High Meadow Circle
Auburn Hills, MI 48326 US

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