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As Seen In MoldMaking Technology

Hot Runner Technologies Benefit Performance and Flexibility
HRSflow has developed advanced hot runner technologies like the precise HyFlow, the wear-resistant Hyper-GF and the flexible FLEXflow Evo film injector.

HRSflow Constructs New European Production Site
Designed according to lean manufacturing criteria, the new site will guarantee an increase in production capacity and gain more flexibility for HRSflow clients in the European market.

Servo Valve Gate System Advances Injection Molding Process Control
Electrically driven, HRSflow’s Flexflo Evo technology is a ready-to-install system, specifically designed to set and monitor the valve pin position during the injection process.

How to Use Servos and Sensors to Advance Process Control
A servo and sensor combination that makes the mold the machine presents opportunities to advance process control.

HRSflow is Global Market Leader for Automotive Hot Runner Systems
Since the fourth quarter of 2019, HRSflow has been the number one worldwide in the field of hot runner technology for automotive applications.

Pneumatic Cylinders Install Without Removing the Hot Runner
HRSflow announces its extended portfolio of compact and small cylinders which require limited installation space.

Connect & Learn at Molding 2020
With Molding 2020 only a couple weeks away, catch up on who will be attending and what you can learn from this educational conference.

Noteworthy News: Teaming Up
Catch up on the latest business partnerships within the moldmaking community from Hurco Companies, Inc., iD Additives, Inc., PCS Company, RJG and HRSflow.

Workflow and Quality Count
A recent visit to a hot runner systems and solutions provider proved the importance of workflow and quality to a production facility’s layout.

Partnership Advances Process Control Using In-Mold Sensors
RJG and HRSflow have partnered up to provide an advanced process control solution, specifically for servo valve gate technology or independent cavity control.

Additional Control Unit Not Required for Hot Runner Technology
At K 2019, challenging state-of-the-art applications of HRSflow’s FLEXflow hot runner technology will be presented at several booths of partnering machine producers.

Hot Runner Technologies Improve Injection Molding Process
At K 2019, HRSflow will present challenging applications of its FLEXflow hot runner technology with recent developments targeted to improve the injection molding process.

Cylinder Design Eliminates Need for Water Cooling Actuators
The new HRScool cylinder design from HRSflow eliminates the need for water cooling of the corresponding actuator due to the twice optimized temperature management system.

Tech Trends: K 2019 Sneak Peek, Part 3
Not only will K 2019 be hosting discussions on hot industry topics, but it will be exhibiting products from exhibitors like HRSflow, CUMSA USA and Hasco.

Tech Trends: K 2019 Sneak Peek, Part 1
Though K 2019 is only a month away, we here at MoldMaking Technology want to give you a sneak peek at the types of products you’ll see from its exhibitors, right here.

Tech Trends: Runner Round Up
Take a look at some highlighted hot runner products, which can help your business’s production needs through shortened design and production times, warpage reduction, easy installations, varying levels of user controls and greater application flexibility.

Hot Runner Nozzles Suitable for Small Technical Components
HRSflow presents its small-sized SA series hot runner nozzles for injection molding small technical components with a very compact cut-out in the tool.

Amerimold 2019 Product Showcase, Part 3
Plan ahead for Amerimold 2019 with a sneak peek of some highlighted products from the show’s extensive list of exhibitors!

Flexflow technology for automotive door panels from HRSflow.

Family Mold Ensures Flawless Finishes
HRSflow presents its Flexflow technology family mold for one-shot production of three high-quality parts for a door module.

automotive mold

How to Better Balance Family Molds
A servo-driven valve gate can provide superior processing for family molds with significant variances in part sizes and volumes.

hrsflow facility

HRSflow Upgrades Service Center in Mexico
HRSflow relocates its Mexican service center to a larger facility.

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