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New HASCO Single Shot H6300/… nozzle

The HASCO nozzle range has now been extended by the highly efficient, yet still particularly low-cost, Single Shot nozzle series. In developing the new series, the focus was on compatible installation dimensions, optimum temperature control, functionality and a cost-optimised design. The many different nozzle variants allow a straightforward feed into a sub-runner or direct gating to the molded part.

High-end solutions are not always necessary. For many applications, it is sufficient to have an efficiently and inexpensively designed nozzle.

The new Single Shot nozzles can be used for all easy-to-process plastics, as well as engineering plastics and those with a low level of reinforcement. The nozzles come in two sizes and are suitable for the production of small and medium-sized injection moldings with a shot weight of up to 800 g and immersion depths of up to 179 mm.

The interchangeability of the relevant wear parts, including tips and melt chambers and also the thermocouple, facilitates servicing and maintenance. The heating unit, which is firmly pressed directly onto the body of the nozzle, has just one control circuit and guarantees a uniform temperature over the full length of the nozzle.

The suitably adapted heating-capacity distribution and the gentle conveyance of the melt through flow channels, with generously-dimensioned diameters, ensure a homogeneous temperature profile and low-shear mold filling. Because of the ideal arrangement of the Fe-CuNi thermocouples and the efficient insulation from the cold mold, plastics with a more limited temperature range can also be reliably processed.

The aims pursued in designing the nozzle were to achieve the biggest possible melt throughput for a compact design and the maximum possible stability. Since the nozzle has only one control circuit, it is suitable for small installation spaces and the pressed-on heating ensures a very low overall energy requirement.

The new Single Shot nozzle offers the best price to performance ratio in the field of easy-to-process plastics . Users do not, however, have to dispense with a wide variety of injection options. A range of torpedoes and screw-on melt chamber variants are at their disposal. In addition to the classical pin gate, these also permit the nozzle geometry to be readily introduced into the cavity plate and, in the event of wear, allow rapid restoration of the gate quality. Extended melt chambers are available for gates to free-form surfaces or sub-runners with a sprue.

To ensure that the nozzles and nozzle tips are optimally aligned to the required application, hot runner customers receive worldwide support from the specialist advisers and application engineers at HASCO hot runner.

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Company Profile

HASCO - The Original The invention and patenting of its modular mold system in 1960 made HASCO a pioneer of modern moldmaking.

Z1780 Z1782 Round Latch Lock

Defined movement and latching On complex injection molds or die-casting tools, sometimes a second parting plane or an additional demolding plane is necessary, for example on three-plate molds or molds with dual ejector assemblies.

New Slide Range Z18140

New HASCO slide unit range Z18140/…, complex and flexible In most cases, demanding injection molded parts with undercuts or recesses cannot simply be demolded in the principal demolding direction.

New HASCO safety couplings Z80700HT/... – Z80801HT/…

With its new safety couplings Z80700HT/... to Z80801HT/... HASCO has set a milestone in safety standards for mold temperature control.

Brass Spiral Cooling Cores Z960 Z9610

New Brass spiral cooling cores direct replacement/exchange for the aluminum or plastic partners for your existing molds.

Stack mold components, standard gear box and rack unit.

Stack molds are a technically and economically advantageous alternative to bigger machines and molds.

As Seen In MoldMaking Technology

Upcoming SPE Mold Technologies Division Discussion Confronts the Challenge of Supporting Next-Generation Moldmakers
Do you find it challenging to hire new designers, engineers or moldmakers for your company? Attend “The Skilled Workforce Challenge,” on April 8, 2021, at 8 a.m. EST for global perspectives and insights on the industry’s top challenge.

Thermal Protection Hose Enhance Occupational Safety
A braided textile glass fiber and a silicone foam coating meets injection mold temperature control requirements, improved mechanical properties and ease of use.

Wedge Lock Washers Reliably Secure Screw Connections
Hasco America zinc-coated wedge lock washers Z693 use tension instead of friction to avoid loosening bolts during intense vibrations or heavy loads.

Hot Runner Unit Presents High Precision Control
The Hasco Primezone H1281 hot runner control unit includes an ergonomic interface and comprehensive diagnostic functions.

Giving Mold Builders Additive Capabilities, Super Creativity
I saw my first 3D-printed hot runner manifold at K 2019 in Germany, but the system did not have a name yet.  Fast forward to 2020 and it not only has a name, but it’s been successfully implemented in a number of applications across Europe.  And today, it’s ready for the North American marketplace.

Stainless Steel Spiral Cores Issue Homogeneous Conformal Cooling
Hasco’s extended spiral core mold components in stainless steel guarantee efficient heat transfer and homogeneous core cooling for medical and cleanroom technologies.

Low-Leakage Temperature Control System Ensures Maximum Safety
The Hasco system showcases improved and robust quick-release couplings that guarantees safe and independent coupling with a maximum flow rate and a small, low-pressure drop.

How Latch Locks Speed Mold Build Time
Ten key features and functions of internal and side-mounting latch-lock devices that help moldmakers build molds faster and more safely.

Stainless Steel Cooling Range Guarantees Reliable, Leak-Proof Temperature Control
Hasco’s cooling range is a clean and reliable temperature control system for effectively cooling injection molds when using hot or cold water or heat-transfer oil. 

Hot Runner Manifold Offers Increased Flexibility
Hasco’s additively manufactured Steamrunner hot runner manifold allows for increased flexibility with injection molding.

Injection Mold Machined Plates Boost Flexibility
Hasco’s P1 plates, machined on all sides, come in about 2000 additional variants in dimensions, thicknesses and materials.

Single Shot Nozzle Focuses on Efficiency, Low Cost, Functionality
The extended nozzle range for hot runners provides a wide range of nozzle variants to allow a straightforward feed into a sub-runner or direct gating to the molded part.

Positive Locking Cylinder Permits Safe Locking
Hasco’s positive locking cylinder Z2302/... is suitable for use with core pulls and mold slides and enables service temperatures up to 180°C.

Hydraulic Clamping Cylinders Offer More Reliable Mold Connections
Hasco offers a broad range of double-clamping cylinders in different dimensions that are suitable for individual applications. 

Amerimold Connects Product Showcase, Part 2
Plan ahead for Amerimold Connects with a sneak peek of some highlighted products from OSG USA Inc., Hasco America, Inc., Best Tool & Engineering Company Inc., the American Mold Builders Association , Cheto Corporation and Matsuura Machinery USA Inc.

Round Latch Lock Units Enable Optimum Movement
HASCO has developed the round latch lock units Z1780/ and Z1782/ especially for applications when a second parting line or additional ejector plate is necessary.

Component Supplier Ramps Up Support during Crisis
Expediting all work and supplies for Coronavirus projects is key to this mold component supplier They have first priority. “Many of our customers are in the medical field and they need support from us.

HASCO India Receives Best Plastics & Polymers Brand 2020 Award
At the presentation of The Economic Times’ brand awards, Hasco India received the award for “Best Plastics & Polymers Brand 2020”.

Parametric Data Provides Faster Injection Mold Design
To be able to design molds in as effective and time-saving manner as possible, HASCO America Inc. and Radtke design office teamed up for the provision of native, parameterized data.

Linear Needle Guide Unit Ideal for Maximum Precision
The Hasco linear needle guide unit Z073/... is used when maximum precision is required in the flat guiding of plates in injection molding units and die-casting molds.

Cooperation Partners Network at Manufacturing Excursion Event in Lüdenscheid
Several moldmaking company partners were able to network and attend an excursion presenting the mold manufacturing expertise existing in Lüdenscheid.

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