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Frigel Aquagel GPV Central Cooling System process pump sets

Cooling System Accessories Give Users Better Control Over System
Frigel’s Aquagel GPV Central Cooling System Process Pump Sets with variable frequency drives and 3PR control technology improve user experience with cooling systems.

An HMC with a pallet changer and modular fixturing system

Technology Showcase: Case Studies for MoldMaking
It’s time for another foray into past case study features that have been published in MoldMaking Technology Magazine.

Modular Air-Cooled Chillers Offer Flexibility to Add Capacity Later
Frigel has expanded its line of modular Heavygel 3HL and 3HM air-cooled central chillers to give users the ability to purchase only the chilled water capacity they need now, with the flexibility to cost-effectively add capacity later.

K 2016

SLIDESHOW: Technology Showcase, After K
By all accounts K 2016 was a success. According to show management, attendees were delighted with the wealth of new technical developments presented by raw materials producers, machinery manufacturers and producers of semi-finished and technical parts. Here are some technology highlights.

Frigel 3PR control technology

Control Platform Added to Boost Chiller Productivity and Profitability
Frigel will demonstrate new 3PR control technology with Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity on its Microgel line of machine-side chiller/temperature control units (TCUs), as well as introduce an enhanced and expanded line of Heavygel air-cooled central chillers, which also feature this new control platform. The technology is said to improve both productivity and profitability.

closed loop fluid cooler

Process Cooling Boosts Mold Efficiency
Mold builders can optimize mold performance by taking advantage of advanced process cooling technology.

Let's Talk Water Conservation
In a recent survey, water conservation was ranked a top concern by nearly two-thirds of respondents and 30 percent said that process cooling accounts for more than half of their plant's overall water usage.

Streamlining Cooling Water Tests
This shop takes advantage of combination chiller/temperature units that pack all needed functionality into a single, independently controlled, machine-side system.

Temperature Control Technology Streamlines Sampling
This moldmaker speeds tool tryouts with machine-side systems that combine all needed functionality for temperature and flow-rate testing into a single unit.

Fast Heat MoldChecker

Common Sense Innovation and Moldmaker Collaboration
As I walked the aisles of NPE last month, taking in all the plastics-related technologies and solutions on display, two obvious trends emerged: logical innovation and moldmaker collaboration.

Controller Adjust Cooling Systems for Optimum Performance
Frigel’s 3PR is an intelligent controller that automatically adjusts the company’s integrated cooling systems to ensure optimum performance based on ambient temperatures.

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