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Company Profile

At DIPROFIL we have more than 60 years of attested experience in machines and tools for tool makers, mould makers and die makers.

Polishing Machines and Rotary Hand-pieces

We supply a broad variety of handheld machines and accessories, such as polishing/filing machines and rotary hand-pieces for polishing and finishing applications.

Diamond & CBN Tools

We offer a wide variety of electroplated diamond and CBN tools with galvanic bonding, which are highly effective and allow high cutting rates in applications such as grinding, filing and de-burring.

Other Tools & Accessories

The universal diamond compound is perfect for rapid stock removal and superfine surface finishing and it's recommended for a wide variety of polishing and super-finishing applications.

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Product Categories of DIPROFIL/Diamantprodukter AB

Mold Finishing Systems
Polishing Equipment