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CUMSA - Comercial de Utiles y Moldes S.A


Company Profile

CUMSA is a family company dedicated to the design, manufacturing and distribution of innovative standard solutions for the moldmaking and molding industries. Apart from our direct branches in Portugal, Italy, China and United States, we also have a complete distribution network in over 40 countries, this gives the chance for our products to arrive to every single moldmaker or molder around the world.

CUMSA was founded by Mr. Alberto Navarra in 1979, when a small group of Spanish mouldmakers decided to combine their knowledge and create the company. The aim was to expand and have the possibility of reaching new markets such as Mexico, Denmark, USA... The company objective was to develop projects from the initial stages (design, consulting...) of design through to serial plastic parts production.

By 1992, the experience acquired through nearly 20 years, allowed a change in the companies activity, taking advantage of the tooling know-how and the day-to-day problems of mold makers and molders. An innovative range of standard parts for moulds was developed bringing to the market many new advantages! Since then, many products have been a reference in the moldmaking industry due to its simplicity in functionality as well as assembling and adjusting.

In 1997, a new branch, Eurocumsa, was founded at Marinha Grande (Portugal), to supply standard parts to one of the biggest concentration of toolmakers in the world. In the 21st century, CUMSA continues its expansion, and has created 2 new delegations. One in Italy, CUMSA Italia, in 2004 (located in Bovisio Masciago, near Milano), and the other in China, CUMSA Standard Parts for Molds, in 2007 (located in Shenzen). In 2012, a new delegation has been opened in Detroit (USA).

One of our main focuses is our R+D department, which is always in close contact with the customers allowing us firsthand access to new problems in the market and therefore giving us the opportunity to look for new solutions. This method of working has enabled the development of the complete catalogue of innovative solutions that are currently available.

Our goal is to create innovative standard parts for the moldmakers, molders and end users, bringing them new solutions and advantages in terms of time reduction in manufacturing, assembly and adjustment, as well as minimizing the production downtime and eventual costs.

CUMSA is also a company dedicated to service, our customers’ needs are very important for us, for this reason, if you feel that there is any way in which we can serve you better, we would like to hear your opinion.

A Message from CUMSA USA

<p><strong><span style="color:#FF8C00">CUMSA</span></strong>, we are innovation!</p>

Two different options: as a pre-opening plate movement of the mold , or as a double ejection system, controlling 2 sets of ejector plates when the machine actuates the upper ejector plates set.

<p><strong><span style="color:#FF8C00">CUMSA</span></strong>, we are innovation!</p>

This unit is able to create the Vacuum (60L/min) and blow-off (6bar) through the same channel.

<p><strong><span style="color:#FF8C00">CUMSA</span></strong>, we are innovation!</p>

Possibility for cooling circuits below the date stamp as they are removed from the front (with the EF). Inner insert is always at the same level as the body of the date stamp.

<p><strong><span style="color:#FF8C00">CUMSA</span></strong>, we are innovation!</p>

Enables quick replacement of ejectors, ejector sleeve and molding inserts without taking the mold from the press.

As Seen In MoldMaking Technology

Versatile Sprue Adjusters Suited to Large Parts
CUMSA’s new 24-mm-diameter sprue adjusters are compatible with nozzle sizes up to 22 mm, as well as with both trapezoidal and full round runners.

Daters and Center Inserts Provide Continuous Quality and Reliability
CUMSA USA continues to provide continuous reliability and quality with its stainless steel original daters and center insert components.

mold on shop floor

Robust External Plate Controllers Solve Ejection Problems
Innovative, robust, external synchronized plate controllers solve ejection problems on molds at 3DTech, reducing time, complexity and effort.  

Double Ejection Systems Designed to Control Sequence of Plate Openings
CUMSA USA double ejections systems are designed to control the sequence of the double ejections or plate openings.

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E-commerce Available to Purchase CUMSA Center Inserts, Daters with Traceability Components
CUMSA USA has officially announced the launch of its new e-commerce site,, as of September 30, 2019.

Double Date Stamp Reduces Costs and Space
Cumsa showcases its Double Date Stamp Ø16 Blank.

External Double Ejection Systems Designed to Control Sequence of Plate Openings
CUMSA’s double ejection systems were designed to control the sequence of double ejections or plate openings.

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Hydraulic Block Cylinders Improve Interchangeability and Maintenance
Cumsa USA releases a line of hydraulic block cylinders that are technically reliable and designed for the high standards required in the moldmaking industry.

Cumsa block cylinders for molds

New Block Cylinder Line Offers Multiple Sizes and Mounting Styles
Cumsa expands its product offerings with its own line of block cylinders in multiple sizes and mounting styles. 

New Meusburger stainless-steel components.

Tooling: New Mold Components at Fakuma Show
Automatic safety locks, mold status indicators, hose manifold blocks, online ejector configurators, and new flexible lifters.

Cumsa Smart Worm lifters

Lifters Simplify Release of Small Undercuts in Molds
Cumsa says that the advantage of its Smart Worms is that they do not need any mechanism in the ejector plates.

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Product Categories of CUMSA USA

Air and Hydraulic Cylinders
Date Inserts
Ejector Pins, or "Knock-out Pins"