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CUMSA - Comercial de Utiles y Moldes S.A


A Message from CUMSA USA

Company Profile

CUMSA is a family company dedicated to the design, manufacturing and distribution of innovative standard solutions for the moldmaking and molding industries.

CUMSA, we are innovation!

Release small undercuts within 30 or 60mm of ejection stroke.

CUMSA, we are innovation!

Release small undercuts within 100 or 125mm of ejection stroke.

CUMSA, we are innovation!

Fast delivery of the required draft.

CUMSA, we are innovation!

This unit is able to create the Vacuum (60L/min) and blow-off (6bar) through the same channel.

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Double Date Stamp Reduces Costs and Space
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External Double Ejection Systems Designed to Control Sequence of Plate Openings
CUMSA’s double ejection systems were designed to control the sequence of double ejections or plate openings.

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Hydraulic Block Cylinders Improve Interchangeability and Maintenance
Cumsa USA releases a line of hydraulic block cylinders that are technically reliable and designed for the high standards required in the moldmaking industry.

Cumsa block cylinders for molds

New Block Cylinder Line Offers Multiple Sizes and Mounting Styles
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New Meusburger stainless-steel components.

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Cumsa Smart Worm lifters

Lifters Simplify Release of Small Undercuts in Molds
Cumsa says that the advantage of its Smart Worms is that they do not need any mechanism in the ejector plates.

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CUMSA Double Rack Lifter (DR) & Cooled Rack Lifter (KR)

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Meusburger gear unit for stack molds

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VacuumJet devices

Vacuum Devices Introduce Speed and Prevent Clogging
Cumsa introduces two vacuum devices designed to reach the desired vacuum level faster and eliminate problems caused by gas clogging in molds.

Product Categories of CUMSA USA

Air and Hydraulic Cylinders
Date Inserts
Ejector Pins, or "Knock-out Pins"