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3D-printed insert from Crest Mold Technologies

Pushing the Limits of 3D Printing
Crest Mold Technology continually investigates additive technologies and seeks new ways to use it in moldmaking.

Amerimold 2019 Update: What You Should Know about Additive Manufacturing for Conformal Cooling
This panel discussion will present in detail the different AM technologies available today, their advantages and disadvantages, and specific ways to implement these technologies without issue.

EAB members, MMT editors and GBM staff at dinner in Rosemont, Illinois

Editorial Guidelines: Editorial Advisory Board
The Editorial Advisory Board of MoldMaking Technology is made up of authorities with expertise within their respective business, industry, technology and profession. Their role is to advise on timely issues, trends, advances in the field, offer editorial thought and direction, review and comment on specific articles and generally act as a sounding board and a conscience for the publication.

Will Cipkar, MMT EAB member and technical sales manager at Crest Mold

Things to Consider before Investing in New Technology
MoldMaking Technology editorial advisory board member Will Cipkar of Crest Mold breaks down considerations for new technology investments.

conformal cooling technology

Cutting-Edge Mold Technologies Boost Customers’ Results
This moldmaker strives to offer customers value-added mold technologies and help add to their bottom line.

Michelle Cipkar

Women Impacting Moldmaking
Honoring female thinkers, organizers and relationship builders who are influencing our industry’s future.

Shops Makes Plastic Injection Molds
Crest Mold Technology specializes in the design and manufacturing of high-quality plastic injection molds.

2017 Editorial Advisory Board: Will Cipkar
The 2017 version of MoldMaking Technology's EAB features a new crew of 10 industry professionals. Here's one of them.

Moldmaking: Where It's Been and Where It's Going
One mold builder shares his perspective on what has helped build the moldmaking industry and what will keep it going strong.

Crest Mold mold temperature control

Partners to Highlight Mold Temperature Control
Moldmaker Crest Mold Technology, with partners Contura MTC, which makes conformal cooling inserts, and Regoplas, maker of high-temperature control units, will showcase the advantages of hot/cold molding for producing high-quality, stable dimensional parts.

Mold Technology Produces Lightweight Plastic Parts
Crest Mold Technology has launched Crest Thermal Technology, the capability of rapidly heating part/mold surfaces to improve material flow and then using conformal cooling circuits to quickly cool the plastic parts for fast cycle times.

Fast Heat MoldChecker

Common Sense Innovation and Moldmaker Collaboration
As I walked the aisles of NPE last month, taking in all the plastics-related technologies and solutions on display, two obvious trends emerged: logical innovation and moldmaker collaboration.

Molds Used in Collaborative Demonstrations
Crest Mold Technology collaborated on processing demonstrations at NPE2015 with developers from Milacron, Single, Contura, ICS Laser, MoldMasters, DME, RJG and Trexel MuCell, as well as material suppliers.

Arburg injection molds

Slideshow: NPE2015 Preview
Here's a sampling of what visitors to the show can expect to see.

crest mold

Crest Mold Technology: On the Cutting Edge of R&D
“Intense investigation of technologies that can be advanced for applications that give our customers an edge is what Crest Mold research and development is all about.”

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