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In 2008 Poco Graphite was acquired by Entegris, Inc, a well-known materials and components supplier to the Semiconductor industry. The acquisition increased Entegris’ materials portfolio through the offerings of graphite, silicon carbide and highly conductive foam materials. These new offerings were combined with the Entegris’ specialty coatings business unit to form the Entegris Specialty Materials Business Unit. The combination of POCO’s carbon based and Entegris’ advanced coatings solutions has enabled an innovative approach to both the EDM and glass bottle manufacturing markets. These materials and coatings will also support leading edge applications in Semiconductor, Aerospace, Biomedical, and Alternative Energy.

POCO’s many grades of premium graphite set the standard for EDM graphite performance. Today’s product line includes more than 100 grades of graphites used in EDM, semiconductor and other industrial applications. POCO stands out for producing graphite that is consistent from block to block and run to run. POCO achieved ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100:2009 certifications, echoing a commitment to quality that has been POCO’s heritage since 1964.

The POCO EDM Technical Manual has been the industry’s leading resource of EDM technology and electrode material selection for the past four decades. During this time, several revisions have been made to expand the information provided in this manual. These revisions include adding EDM performance charts and transitioning from the printed version to a CD-Rom format. In 2013, POCO released the on-line format for instant web access. Key improvements in this web version included the ability to email performance charts, contact a technical advisor via email for assistance, and a reference section containing technical articles and other resource materials for immediate download. In 2014, we released the EDM Tech Manual app for iOS and Android systems. Now in 2015 we have the app available with metric conversions.

Please visit www.EDMTechMan.com to access the POCO EDM Technical Manual. Check often as continual updates will be made to further improve the quality of the information provided by Poco Graphite.

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Marc Sanders

Poco Graphite Expands EDM Support Team
Poco Graphite announces an addition to its EDM team. 

Makino Edge2 EDM machine

2018 Technology Review and Sourcing Guide: EDM
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poco graphite

Premium Graphite Enables Maximum Efficiency and Detail
At Amerimold 2018, Poco Graphite is showcasing the variety of applications that its end users achieve with its line of graphites, particularly for EDM electrodes.


High-Speed Mills Increase Output of Complex Graphite Electrodes
Tri-Gemini LLC has added graphite milling capability with the purchase of two additional GF+ Mikron 500 high-speed mills.

Del-Tool material machined using Poco Graphite EDM materials.

Electrodes Highlight Power of Machining with EDM Graphites
The company showcases several machined electrodes of various material classifications to demonstrate the type of machining detail that can be achieved with Poco EDM materials.

Sodick automatic wire threader

Technology Tuesday: EDM Success
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Throwback Thursday: Criteria for Effective EDM
The work metal, EDM process priority, electrode material and machine are the four main considerations for effective EDM of non-standard alloys. These four areas play a critical role in making the overall EDM process profitable. Read this archived article for more.

Poco Graphite Increases Manufacturing Capacity for High-Performance Materials
Additional facility addresses growth demands for premium graphite products

PowerMill CAM

SLIDESHOW: The Final Countdown to Amerimold
It’s Amerimold Eve! Our exhibitors are assembling and putting final touches on their booth displays today and there are so many new companies – plus familiar companies who have something new to show attendees. Amerimold 2017 is not to be missed.

Poco Graphite EDM materials

Electrodes Demonstrate Applications for Graphite
Poco Graphite manufactures more than 100 grades of graphite used in EDM, semiconductor and other industrial applications.

electrode material supplier

An Added Layer of EDM Knowledge
Understanding electrode material selection and the relationship among the electrode, workpiece material and machine parameters can improve EDM efficiency.

Throwback Thursday: Sometimes Graphite Just Isn't Enough
EDMing with exotic metals requires a little something extra, like copper graphite electrodes.

graphite electrodes

SLIDESHOW: Technology Showcase, EDM
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electrode material

Making EDM Profitable
The workpiece material and the process parameters of a sinker EDM operation can impact productivity and profitability.

Grades Suited for EDM and Other Applications
Poco Graphite offers a line of more than 100 grades for use in the EDM, glass-handling, semiconductor and industrial markets.

graphite and copper electrodes

Graphite or Copper? Part 2
Test findings and a cost of ownership model help identify the monetary impact graphite and copper electrode materials have on manufacturing.

copper vs graphite electrodes

Graphite or Copper? Part 1
Identifying the differences in cost, detail and performance between graphite and copper will help you select the appropriate electrode material for specific EDM applications.

POCO Graphite celebrates 50 years of service.

POCO Graphite Celebrates 50 Golden Years in the Graphite Business
The company will celebrate its 50th anniversary with an open house in the fall.

optimizing efficiency and cost mold making

Using Technology Benchmarks to Determine Operational Performance
Everyone wants to optimize efficiency and cost savings.

Sodick SL600G  TT1-400A

Sodick Hosted Successful Smart Technology Event
Sodick, Inc. of Schaumburg, Illinois, hosted its Smart Technology Event on Oct 3rd and 4th. The event was located at their corporate headquarters in Schaumburg, IL and brought in over 200 attendees.

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