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Makino at IMTS

Collaboration, Flexibility, Speed and More at IMTS 2018
Attendees walked the miles of aisles to find that IMTS 2018 delivered it all and so much more.

colage of molds

IMTS 2018: Process,Technology and Service Advancements
Advancements in automation and digital manufacturing took center stage during IMTS last week, but developments in additive manufacturing, cutter technology, machining solutions, simulation software, EDM, laser technology and customer service were other hot items.

Makino D200Z

Spindle Core and Jacket Cooling System Control Machine Heat
Makino's compact D200Z machining center has 30,000-rpm, HSK-E50 spindle that is designed with a high-tech spindle core and jacket cooling system to tightly control thermal growth, deflection and vibration during high-speed machining operations.

Makino’s V90S vertical machining center

Vertical Machining Center Reduces Handwork in Complex Molds
IMTS 2018: Makino says that the V90S is designed for high-speed finishing of multifaceted, 3D contours and that it cuts cycle times and reduces handwork in complex dies and molds.

two machine tools

Horizontal Machining Centers Are Not Just for Big Manufacturing
Horizontal machining centers can help reduce the coolant, perishable cutting tools and labor costs associated with running a machining center in shops of any size.

Makino Edge2 EDM machine

2018 Technology Review and Sourcing Guide: EDM
MoldMaking Technology’s annual Technology Review and Sourcing Guide is an accurate, comprehensive, easy-to-read and easy-to-use use guide for researching today’s technology, equipment, products and services. The year’s latest moldmaking product developments within mold engineering/design, build and maintenance/repair are broken down into 10 sections, including EDM.

AMBA-sponsored plant tour with Quest Industries at Amerimold 2018

Scenes from Amerimold 2018, Part 2—Education!
MMT brings readers yet another look at Amerimold 2018. This time, the focus is on education via our Tech Talks, technology demos and more.

amerimold 2018 logo

Connecting Mold Builders and Buyers at Amerimold 2018
Mold buyers and builders experience many of the same challenges for which they are each seeking solutions and that is where Amerimold comes into play.

NPE2018 in Orlando, Florida

NPE2018 Video Recap: Exhilaration, Innovation and Inspiration
MoldMaking Technology’s editorial team recaps some highlights from the show floor at NPE2018, including a technology slideshow, seven podcasts recorded live from the event and a video.

Makino machined part

Tradeshow Tuesday: On Display at Amerimold 2018, Part 3
Amerimold 2018 is coming up! Plan ahead by checking out this week’s slideshow, which highlights some of what will be on display at the show.

aerial shot shows one of Summit Tooling’s EDM cells

Milling and EDM Automation Reshape Summit Tooling’s Mold Operations
Summit Tooling President Dan Martin credits the capability to run unattended machining 24/7 to the partnership that his company built with Makino.

Image showing the details and sizes of mold cavities typically machined using 100 percent hard milling.

Hard Milling Gives Eden Tool a Competitive Advantage
Hard milling proves to be a strategic advantage for a small mold shop that runs lean and serves the medical device market.

Sodick automatic wire threader

Technology Tuesday: EDM Success
Cruise through this week’s Technology Tuesday slideshow to see EDM units that shops across the country have used to increase capacity and leverage greater efficiency in their processes.

Makino Edge 2 EDM unit

EDM Machine Has Power Optimizer to Reduce Machining Time
The Edge2 EDM machine from Makino incorporates SuperSpark4 and Intelligent Expert System technology for increased accuracy and efficiency.

Students learning about moldmaking at Cavalier Tool in Ontario, Canada

Do You Make a Lasting Impression on Customers... and Youth?
Cavalier Tool and Manufacturing Ltd. (Ontario, Canada) is one mold manufacturing company that likes to leave a lasting impression.

Technology Tuesday: EMO Wrap Up on EDM, Automation and Industry 4.0
EMO Hannover 2017 was a showcase for EDM developments, automation solutions and software for data-driven manufacturing. EDM technology is evolving through new machine designs, thermal stability, powerful generators, parts handling robots, linear handling systems and software solutions for future Industry 4.0 infrastructures.

small and large die mold operations

Invest Now in Die/Mold Automation to Meet Growing Customer Demand
In today’s highly competitive global marketplace, there are two types of mold shop owners, (1) those who invest in new technology and automation to create innovative ways to meet customer demands for shorter lead times, more complex designs and tighter tolerances and (2) those show don’t invest and quickly fall behind other North American shops and low-cost, offshore manufacturers. Here is a case study from Makino about one mold builder who fits nicely into type number one.

DMG MORI  Ecoline

SLIDESHOW: Technology Showcase, Machining
From adopting five-axis machining at a higher level to finding ways to "productionize" mold building to using more modular workholding, mold manufacturers are commited to investing in today's machining technology to stay on top of their game. Here is some of the latest product news.

Makino a40 HMC

HMC Purpose-Built for Fast Production of Die-Cast Parts
Unlike general-purpose horizontals that possess unnecessary capabilities and result in extended cycle times, Makino’s a40 HMC was purpose-built for non-ferrous die-cast parts machining.

Automated cells

Adopting Automation
Shops are facing increased demand for shorter lead times, improved quality and lower costs. Automation offers several key advantages for overcoming these challenges.

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