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Founded in 1958, INCOE® Corporation designs and manufactures hot runner systems with exceptional performance for processing of all injection moldable plastic materials. As a pioneer in the plastics industry, our original patented design was the first commercial hot runner nozzle available. The development and use of hot runner systems has led to the advancement of injection molding in productivity and cost savings on a global basis.Our proven DIRECT-FLO™ Gold systems are ideal for technical part molding. OPTI-FLO® manifold systems, featuring patented MeltFlipper® technology from Beaumont Technologies Inc. (BTI), help to reduce cycle times with superior part quality. A wide range of system configurations are available including Single Nozzles, Thermal and Valve gate manifold systems, Leak Proof Unitized Systems, Stack Molding, and Micro Molding applications, Back-to-Back Valve Gating, and Multi-Material systems. Temperature and Valve Gate control systems offer complete, reliable system control. RCS MeltFlipper Cold Runner systems are also available through an agreement with BTI providing simplified access for customers to rheologically controlled designs regardless of the type of melt delivery system. Manufacturing facilities are located in the United States, Germany, Brazil, Singapore, and China, Product information is available in seven languages, online and ready for downloading. Our service network spans over 45 countries providing localized support for our customers. That's INCOE® Hot Runner Performance.

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INCOE®'s goal is to provide the very best price/performance hot runner system technology available supported by global service and support.

As Seen In MoldMaking Technology

INCOE Moves Into New Global Headquarters
INCOE announced the successful move of three facilities in the metro Detroit area into the new 138,000 square feet global headquarters.

four-drop hot runner system

Six Considerations for Evaluating a Hot Runner System
Details matter when it comes to selecting and integrating a hot runner system. This guide makes that process easier by covering those details thoroughly.

MHS’s manifold hot runner system

2018 Technology Review and Sourcing Guide: Hot Runners
MoldMaking Technology’s annual Technology Review and Sourcing Guide is an accurate, comprehensive, easy-to-read and easy-to-use use guide for researching today’s technology, equipment, products and services. The year’s latest moldmaking product developments within mold engineering/design, build and maintenance/repair are broken down into 10 sections, including hot runners.

milling at National Tool & Manufacturing Co.

Tradeshow Tuesday: On Display at Amerimold 2018, Part 5
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NPE2018 in Orlando, Florida

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INCOE Corp. GSC2mini controller

Compact Controller Can Manage as Many as Eight Gates
INCOE Corp. says its GSC2mini is ideal for valve-gated applications that do not require sensors or linear transducer control.

Hot-Runner Products Offer Versatility and Ease Operations
INCOE Corp. has a variety of hot-runner products on display at NPE2018, including a slim nozzle, a sequencing controller and a temperature controller.

Makino machined part

Tradeshow Tuesday: On Display at Amerimold 2018, Part 3
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Miniature Hydraulics cylinder from INCOE Corp.

Flexible Arrangement of Cylinder Cooling Lines Create Space for Supply Lines
The HEM miniature hydraulics from INCOE Corp. widens the choice of possible gating points and creates enough space for supply lines.

Example of servo-controlled valve gate hot runner system from HRS Flow.

Hot Runner Technologies Aim to Simplify Moldmakers’ Approaches
Hot runner suppliers are developing solutions that remove complexities from the way that moldmakers and molders design, control and maintain their processes.

Christina Fuges

Collaborate to Educate on Plastics Technologies
Moldmakers, industry consultants and technology suppliers collaborate to educate on plastics technologies.

INCOE General Manager Kurt Curtis (left) with Country Manager Isaac Gomez (right) outside of new Querétaro facility

INCOE to Open Facility in Querétaro, Mexico
The company anticipates that INCOE Mexico will open by early spring of 2018.

HRS Flow image of 8-drop hot runner system

Throwback Thursday: Improving Shear-Induced Imbalance in Hot Runner Systems
Even melt distribution and balanced filling to and across all cavities while avoiding restrictive mixers is possible with hot runner manifold construction that incorporates a melt rotation design.

Required co-existence with a cold mold and platens.

Choosing Between Cold and Hot Runner Systems
Get all the facts before selecting a runner system solution.

Alliance Laser Sales team with donation check for iWarriors 2017

Fun Friday: The Moldmaking Community Shows Patriotism, Heart and More
On September 15, 2017 our team at Alliance Specialties and Laser Sales partnered with our friends Tim and Kim Bartz from iWarriors and Mold Craft to host the inaugural Alliance iWarriors Charity Golf Outing.

Orycon T-500 Hot Runner System Controller

Technology Tuesday: Hot Runners
In honor of this year’s supplement issue, this week’s Technology Tuesday blog features recent hot runner products.  

Incoe Slim DF12 nozzle

Two New Products: Velocity Control and Nozzle Design
The DF 12 nozzle has a MultiPower heater, which Incoe says is suitable for the manufacturing of components in the automotive industry. Incoe’s SoftGate valve pin velocity control enables users to set required valve-opening time.

Incoe slim DF 5 nozzle

Slim Nozzles Allow for Tight Pitch Spacing
Incoe will present its slim DF 5 nozzle, which features a 5-mm flow channel and slim base heater.

Incoe Corporation

INCOE Announces New Global Headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan
Incoe Corporation USA announced that it plans to construct a new 135,000-square-foot global headquarters facility to be located within Oakland Technology Park in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

injection molding

Technology Tuesday: Hot Runners and Mold Components
This week’s Tech Tuesday blog brings readers a review of several products announced during the last few weeks, namely hot runner and mold componentry.

Product Categories of INCOE Corporation

Hot Halves
Hot Runner Manifolds
Hydraulic Valve Gate Nozzles
Mold Flow and Simulation Software
Pneumatic Valve Gate Nozzles
Temperature Controls, Monitors, Sensors
Thermal Edge Gate Nozzles
Thermal Hot Tip Nozzles
Thermal Multi-Gate Nozzles
Valve Gate Controllers
Valve Gate Sequencers