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Huron Technologies Release Coating 8056

Mold Release Formulated for Fluorinated Rubber, Thermoset Materials
Huron Technologies’ Release Coating 8056 is a high-performance mold release agent developed for a variety of rubber manufacturing applications, including release of fluorinated rubber compounds and FKM rubber materials that require silicone-free processes.

Release Coating
Release Coating 7814

Mold Release Formulated for Polyurethane Elastomer
Huron Technologies, Inc. (Leslie, MI) offers Mold Release Coating 7642 formulated for polyurethane elastomer and used to manufacture interior automotive components.

Mold Release Products
Each product from Huron Technologies, Inc. (Leslie, MI) was custom designed and validated to solve a specific customer molding problem.

Mold Release Agents
Huron Technologies, Inc.’s (Leslie, MI) Release Coating 7444—an environmentally friendly, water-based mold release—is effective for molding products made from friction materials.

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Guidelines to Put Your Production Process on the Profitability Track
A top-down commitment to investigate new options for molding materials, release agents, training techniques and equipment is critical to reduce mold downtime.

Mold Release Coatings
Mold Release Coating 7305 from Huron Technologies, Inc. (Leslie, MI) that consistently reduces mold maintenance costs on sound absorbing panels used in auto and truck interiors.

Mold Release Agent
A water-based mold release agent formulated for “Low Gloss” in-mold-painted applications is available from Huron Technologies Inc. (Leslie, MI). The Coating 7307 gives excellent performance in the manufacturing of automotive interior components.

Product Categories of Huron Technologies

Mold Sprays, Grease, Lubricants & Releases