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Accede Mold & Tool Expands Sampling Lab with Engel Machine

Published on 4/4/2018

Accede Mold & Tool invested in the Engel Duo 4550/720 plastic injection molding machine and crane system in response to its customers’ demand for larger cavitation molds for the packaging market.


Accede Mold & Tool Invests in Paulson Training

Published on 3/16/2018

Accede Mold & Tool says all 61 of its employees participate in Paulson Training, an injection molding training system.


Accede and Kebo Form Partnership

Published on 1/7/2019

Accede Mold & Tool Co. Inc. and Kebo AG have formed a partnership.


Servo Display Features Two-Shot Injection Mold Applications

Published on 4/10/2018

Accede Mold & Tool's display includes six servo-driven in-mold actions that highlight lift-and-rotate and cube technology for two-shot plastic injection mold applications. 


PODCAST: Bringing in Curious Next-Generation Mold Builders

Published on 8/15/2019

Listen in as I sit down with The Manufacturing Alliance and Camille Sackett, a fellow Northeast-coaster who started at Accede Mold & Tool in 1993 and worked her way through mold designing, project management and currently business development and engineering support. Camille Sackett grew up in Westchester County, New York, with three generations working at the Tarrytown General Motors plant.


PODCAST: Bringing in Young, Curious Mold Builders

Published on 8/15/2019

Listen in as I sit down with The Manufacturing Alliance and Camille Sackett of Accede Mold & Tool to record a podcast about family-owned businesses, developing long-lasting relationships, instilling a culture of independence, empowerment and freedom, and attracting curious next-generation mold builders. 


Keeping the Company Together during the COVID-19 Crisis

Published on 4/7/2020

Crisis management starts at the top and the leadership at Accede Mold & Tool Co. takes that seriously as they continue to put the wellbeing and health of employees first, which Camille Sackett, Accede’s Director, Business Development and Engineering Support says has kept the company together.


Testing the Waters With Multi-Material Molding

Published on 10/8/2014

This shops sampling capabilities enable customers to take a step-by-step approach to these applications without the risk and expense of purchasing a dedicated press.

Case Study

An Adaptable Approach to Multi-Material Sampling

Published on 10/1/2014

An auxiliary plastic injection unit has helped this moldmaker expand sampling capabilities and transition customers to unfamiliar processes with minimal risk and expense.


The Advantages of Getting Out of the Shop

Published on 7/15/2015

This mold manufacturer makes a point to give shopfloor-level employees a chance to explore new technology.

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