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PUBLISHED: 10/22/2019

Polishing System Reduces Finishing Time for Increased Productivity

Gesswein’s UltraMax mini ultrasonic polishing system enables users to polish ribs, slots and intricate details far faster than by hand.

PUBLISHED: 11/27/2018

Mold Release: Paintable, FDA-Compliant Powder

New Dry-21 paintable PTFE powder mold release is a low-residue, spray-on release with FDA compliance for incidental food contact.

PUBLISHED: 11/6/2018

Laser Marking Process Resists Shot Blasting

Laserax’s laser marking process has enabled die casters to identify parts throughout the supply chain.

PUBLISHED: 9/26/2018

Specially Treated Grain in Bristles Offers Discs Durability

Boride Engineered Abrasives says that Dedeco Sunbursts are best for finishing and polishing hard-to-access areas without removing detail or causing flat spots.

PUBLISHED: 5/1/2018

Laser Machine Increases Engraving and Texturing Capacity

High Tech Laser and Polishing's purchase has the capability of traveling 62" × 31" × 42" with 2,200-lb weight capacity.

PUBLISHED: 4/17/2018

Balls on Ejector Bushings Run at Angle to Increase Load Capacity

DMS showcases Bolex P ball-guided ejector bushings made of special roll steel bush casing, hardened and ground to hold fixed inside a high-resistant bronze cage for guiding the balls running along the cage.

PUBLISHED: 4/13/2018

Coating Has Diamond Particles for Added Toughness

Samples of coatings from Bales Metal Surface Solutions will be available in in booth W118 at NPE2018.

PUBLISHED: 1/23/2018

Abrasive Strips Have Strong Adhesive Backing

Adhesive backing on abrasive strips from Boride tolerate wet applications.

PUBLISHED: 11/28/2017

Diamond Compound Line Expands to Suit Variety of Polishing Needs

Boride Engineered Abrasives expanded its Mold Makers Diamond line of diamond compounds with options that are water and oil soluble.

PUBLISHED: 10/20/2017

High-Temperature Oven Has Door Hardware for Venting Explosions

Grieve’s No. 852 has a variety of features to enhance temperature control and safety.