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PUBLISHED: 10/15/2019

Ring Adapters Remove Need for Machining

Hasco’s locating ring adapters Z7500/... enable tool-free adaption with no need for machining.

PUBLISHED: 10/10/2019

Proximity Switches Offer Contact-Free Position Monitoring

Hasco’s proximity switches are suited for precise position monitoring during movement sequences and, at end points, make it possible to detect electrically conductive workpieces.

PUBLISHED: 10/8/2019

Couplings Suited for Rapid Coupling of Heating/Cooling Lines

Hasco adds multiple shut-off couplings and nipples to its range especially for high-temperature applications.

PUBLISHED: 10/3/2019

Double Date Stamp Reduces Costs and Space

Cumsa showcases its Double Date Stamp Ø16 Blank.

PUBLISHED: 10/2/2019

External Double Ejection Systems Designed to Control Sequence of Plate Openings

CUMSA’s double ejection systems were designed to control the sequence of double ejections or plate openings.

PUBLISHED: 10/1/2019

Mold Components and Hot Runner Products Designed for Customer Specifications

At K 2019, Hasco will display mold base and hot runner technologies.

PUBLISHED: 10/1/2019

Insulator Block Protects Monitoring Devices in High Temperatures

Progressive Components announces the release of its insulator block, which installs on the outside of the mold and is used to protect the company’s CounterView and CVe monitor from temperatures when molding high-temperature resins.

PUBLISHED: 9/3/2019

CAD Library Offers Mold Designers Convenience and Selection

Progressive Components announces significant advancements to an already extensive CAD Library that includes new file formats and download options with the introductiuon of its new CADalog.

PUBLISHED: 7/25/2019

Cavity Pressure Sensors Ideal for Monitoring During Injection Molding Process

Meusburger offers sensors for cavity pressure measurement, which includes two types for direct and indirect measurement.

PUBLISHED: 7/18/2019

Integrated Indexing Plate Drive Achieves Short Cycle Times

i-mold’s indexing plate drives, which can be fully integrated into multi-component injection molds in a space saving arrangement, achieve short cycle times and smooth production workflows.