Machine Monitoring System Achieves Enhanced Data Availability


Heidenhain’s StateMonitor system avoids unnecessary downtime and bottlenecks, and enables machine data to be available on any device no matter the user’s location. 

Indexable Gun Drills Feature Guide Pads for Eco-Friendly Machining


Tungaloy’s FH3135 grade guide pads retain high thermal crack resistance when used with water soluble oils, offering an eco-friendly alternative to machining. 

Cutting Tools and Accessories Deliver MRO Needs


Dormer Pramet offers a comprehensive range of MRO drills, surface treatments and more for increased reliability and cost-effective results. 

Double Column Machining Center Series Provides Highly Responsive Movement


YCM Technology introduces the “Aero” series of next generation high performance double column multi-axis DCV2018A/B-5AX machining centers.

Hydraulic Clamping Module Ideal for Demanding Maching Operations


Schunk launches a hydraulic clamping module for machines with pallet changer that combines compact dimensions, high pull-down forces, an integrated lifting function and a complete monitoring function.

Control Offers Higher Spindle and Axis Dynamics During Manufacturing Process


Heidenhain Corporation launches the Gen 3 version of its high-end TNC 640 control for machine manufacturers and end users looking for forward-thinking manufacturing capabilities.

Hybrid Milling Machine Effectively Vents Gas


Matsuura Machinery USA Inc.’s Lumex technology makes effective mold/gas venting possible and improves the quality of molds.

Five Axis Laser Technology Enhances Services


Wisconsin Engraving Company has added five-axis laser technology to enhance its services.

Five-Axis Machining Centers Offer More Complete Production of Precision Hardened Cavities


Mitsui Seiki introduces its Vertex type III five-axis machining center series to complement the company’s traditional jig borer, jig grinder, and larger jig mill lines.

Automatic Tool Changer Designed to Increase Production Process Efficiency


Cheto Corporation announces an automatic tool changer that enables automatic switching between drilling and milling for the company’s machines.