Single Shot Nozzle Focuses on Efficiency, Low Cost, Functionality


The extended nozzle range for hot runners provides a wide range of nozzle variants to allow a straightforward feed into a sub-runner or direct gating to the molded part.

MultiPin Actuator Supports Multiple Valve Gate Nozzle Interconnections


The INCOE pneumatic MultiPin valve gate actuator has a user-friendly valve pin, quick coupling and can accept up to 4 gate valves. 

Integrated Cascade Control Unit Ensures Control Over Melt Flow


Conscious of space, the integration of VCON with the profiTEMP+ in one cabinet enables independent valve gate nozzle adjustment for more control.

Expanded Hot Runner Nozzle Series Focuses on Melt Guidance


Meusburger’s offers its expanded smartFILL nozzle series focusing on melt guidance.

Hot Runner Mold and Cable Checker Troubleshoots Mold System Failure


PCS Company’s Mold X Checker and Cable X Checker offerings detect open and shorted circuits and troubleshoots faulty temperature control cables respectively.

Servo Valve Gate System Advances Injection Molding Process Control


Electrically driven, HRSflow’s Flexflo Evo technology is a ready-to-install system, specifically designed to set and monitor the valve pin position during the injection process.

Valve Gate Hot Runner System Provides Common Design Platform


DME’s Smart One valve gate hot runner system provides a common design platform.

Hot Runner Series Ideal for Molding with Challenging Resins


Mold-Masters/Milacron offers its latest advancement in hot runner technology delivering peak performance and precision.

Multi-Cavity Nozzle Solution Improves Thermal Profile and Efficiency


Taking advantage of the latest technological advances, Mastip Inc. continues to evolve its multi-cavity and hot-half solutions with a series of innovations and product upgrades.

Compact Nozzle Design Simplifies Cutout Geometry


​​​​​INCOE Corporation presents its DF nozzles with MultiPower heaters for the Direct-Flo product range.