Wire EDMs with Dual Wire Guide Options

Makino’s (Auburn Hills, MI) next-generation wire EDMs feature two models: the DUO 43 and DUO 64.

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Makino’s (Auburn Hills, MI) next-generation wire EDMs feature two models: the DUO 43 and DUO 64. Both models feature a 20 percent reduction in footprint size compared to their Makino SP-series counterparts. The sizes for the DUO 43 and 64 are 74.8” x 102.3” and 82.7” x 122” with X, Y, and Z axis travels of 17.7”, 12.0”, 12.6” and 25.6”, 15.7”, 16.5” respectively. The DUO 43 will accommodate a maximum workpiece size of 27.9” x 22.0” x 11.8” with a payload of 1764 lbs, while the DUO 64 holds sizes up to 35.8” x 26.0” x 15.7” with a maximum payload of 2200 lbs. This series was designed to provide a smaller footprint and ease of installation, without sacrificing work area. The DUO series features dual wire guide options, allowing the user to choose either V-guide or PICO Precision (round) wire guides. This option provides split precision guides for most general work including high tapers, and PICO precision guides for accurate threading of small holes in close proximity, highly accurate tapers and taper transitions up to 10 degrees, and maintaining variable height land details. DUO Spark Generator technology is featured, which utilizes unique spark waveforms with multiple ON and OFF times, almost like using two E-codes at one time. The series’ dual high-pressure flush pumps provide independent control of upper and lower head flushing jets. The pumps can provide pressure up to 290 PSI to improve roughing speeds and aid in producing superior surface finishes. By circulating through two pumps, one for each machine head, the DUO is able to improve efficiency over wire EDMs containing only a single pump, reduce mechanical failures, and achieve finer finishes. The pumps are independently controlled and monitored through the controller, allowing faster adaptation to changes during machining operations and providing higher quality parts in shorter cycle times. This design provides its greatest advantages during detached nozzle applications (poor flush), and further improves the performance of Makino's HEAT technology. With dual anchored ball screws, the DUO series provides a rigid construction for long-term sustained accuracy and precision. Backed up by a 10 year/20,000 hour ball screw guarantee, the DUO Series is built for long term repeatability and reliability.