Wire EDM with Cylindrical Drive Motor

MV series

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Mitsubishi’s MV Series with cylindrical drive motor is built on the latest technology in machine construction; the X and Y axis ways and drives are directly mounted to a one-piece, T-shaped case casting, providing the most rigid and thermally stable platform driving the table and column independently, according to the company. This style of direct axis mounting removes all squareness and accuracy issues that that come with a stacked table design, providing higher rigidity and smoother movement for more reliable, precise cutting.


A redesigned auto-threader concept delivers improved threading capabilities, with upper rollers that travel with Z-axis, creating a constant distance to the upper guide. This allows nearly 14 inches of annealed/straightened wire length, improving threading reliability on tall parts, submerged threading and rethreading through the gap after a wire break.


A large air gap between the shaft and the forcer in the cylindrical drive minimizes heat output and the effect of metallic shop dust on the system. Other EDMs are built using flat plate linear drives, constructed from iron core magnetic coils on the primary side, and permanent magnets on the secondary side.