Fixture Method Enhances HMC for Moldmaking

Makino showcased how incorporating a flexible, repeatable fixture method enhances the HMC as a process solution for molds and dies.

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Makino demonstrated an a51nx horizontal machining center equipped with the FCS fixture system machining an aluminum bottle mold, illustrating how to use production methods for mold manufacturing. Makino sees a trend in mold builders purchasing HMCs to take advantage of the pallet change/fast setup capability, and in the ability to use multiple setups to improve spindle and capital utilization. Incorporating a flexible, repeatable fixture method enhances the HMC as a process solution for molds and dies, the company says.

Makino also spotlighted its U3 wire EDM, which merges all machine components into a single base structure for improved mechanical rigidity and thermal stability. The machine’s stationary table design also ensures sustainable long-term accuracy, the company says.

The U3 is equipped with Makino’s Hyper-I advanced machine control, which features a user-friendly interface similar to that found on tablets and smartphones for intuitive operation. A 24-inch high-definition touchscreen display provides a variety of intelligent functions, including onboard electronic manuals, instructional videos and a diagnosis tool.

The EDM also includes HyperCut technology, a special three-pass process technology developed to produce surface finishes as fine as 3-microns Rz in standard tool steels. This feature provides reduced cycle time and wire consumption over previous technology, the company says. 


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