Wire EDM for Large Parts


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Sodick, Inc. (Schaumburg, IL) has released the AG600LH Wire EDM with an X, Y, Z travel of 23.7” x 15.8” x 20”.  It is designed for large-part manufacturers to enable tall workpiece capacity with the new 20” Z-Height.

The AG600LH comes standard with a 10-Year Positioning Guarantee and features Linear Motors on the X, Y, U and V axes.  Linear Motors allow a Wire EDM to machine at maximum speeds with no backlash or lost motion.  The AG600LH also incorporates glass scale feedback, Super Jet Annealing High Speed AWT, ceramic components and an energy saving (eco friendly) circuit, allowing for up to 60% less energy use over conventional EDMs.

Sodick Inc., established in 1976, has sold over 50,000 EDMs worldwide and has had over 25,000 linear motor EDM deliveries.  Sodick machines are used for the production of dies and molds and other various applications that cannot be produced by standard machining methods.  Sodick has four ISO certified manufacturing facilities with over 3,100 employees worldwide and technical centers located in Illinois, New Jersey and California.  Sodick offers the industry’s first 10-year positioning guarantee on all of its linear motor driven EDMs.