Wire EDM

CUT 2000

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GF AgieCharmilles’ (Lincolnshire, IL) CUT 2000 redefines the performance that can be achieved with wire EDM. Additionally the machine offers an optional third-generation automatic wire changer that boosts versatility and productivity.

The CUT 2000 succeeds GF AgieCharmilles’ highly successful Vertex series of wire EDMs. The machine accommodates wires as small as 0.002 inches in diameter to facilitate the production of micro parts and details. Additionally, the CUT 2000 incorporates the highly efficient Intelligent Power Generator (IPG) and Variocut, to provide reliable machining of even the most complex parts and achieve surface finishes as fine as Ra 0.05 µm.

With the latest automatic wire changer, operators can easily switch between wires of different sizes and materials, allowing optimization of both roughing and finishing operations. The most dramatic benefits occur when working with parts requiring use of a wire 0.004 inches or smaller in diameter.

The CUT 2000’s Vision 5 numerical control allows for quick, easy organization and management of multiple unattended jobs. Through the machine’s 3D probing system, efficiency is also increased via reduction of setup times.

The CUT 2000 incorporates a cast iron, C-frame construction to maintain high stability and dynamic rigidity. The machine measures 83” x 77” x 88”.