Whisker-Reinforced Ceramic Insert


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Greenleaf Corporation (Saegertown, PA) has introduced a whisker-reinforced ceramic grade, WG-700™. It is a whisker-reinforced ceramic insert and is the most sophisticated ceramic insert developed by Greenleaf. WG-700™‘s substrate benefits from an optimized whisker load, which improves its crack- and wear-resistance characteristics while increasing its overall strength. Greenleaf’s new, proprietary “Platinum” nano layered coating provides low-friction machining in both wet and dry environments, high temperature stability, abrasion resistance, oxidation resistance and chemical inertness. The end result is an extremely strong, wear-resistant, mechanical-shock resistant ceramic grade that is capable of much higher metal-removal rates than any other whisker-reinforced ceramic insert.

The company wanted to create an insert that could consistently machine high-strength alloys at speeds in excess of 1,000 SFM, according to the company. It also is capable of extreme speeds at  higher feed rates and with better tool life than any of the company's other whisker grades.

The introduction of WG-700™ is aimed at delivering comprehensive solutions for machining the new classes of difficult-to-cut materials entering the marketplace from new high-strength alloy materials to composites. As the cost to manufacture these materials increases and profit margins decrease in an ever-competitive global economy, it is becoming more important than ever for manufacturers to maximize their machining processes.