8/14/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

WESTEC 2017: Vises and Grippers Designed for Production and Five-Axis Machining

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Fixtureworks will highlight its TriMax vises, its TG GripSerts carbide workholding grippers and the new Fairlane GP-Series rubber gripper pads.

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Fixtureworks brings a broad spectrum of its products to WESTEC 2017. Fixtureworks will highlight its TriMax vises, its TG GripSerts carbide workholding grippers and the new Fairlane GP-Series rubber gripper pads. 

Fixtureworks says that TriMax Production Vises offer the benefits users need to maximize a machine’s potential with multiple part clamping, quick change components and easy adjustment. Vises in this line are suited for production, five-axis and machinist applications.

TG GripSerts carbide gripper inserts are designed for ultra low-profile clamping with no dovetail workpiece preparation. With serrations designed for steel, hardened steel, titanium and aluminum, these patented triangular grippers feature two rows of teeth at different angles to maximize the pull-down effect. The TG GripSerts workholding grippers are integrated with the TriMax line of vises, ideal for upgrading existing vise jaws and more.

The GP Series rubber gripper pads are useful as industrial grade contact wear points for automation and positioning applications. They are constructed of black nitrile rubber that is molded to a 1/16" aluminum backing that can be mounted flat or that can be contoured or formed to round or sharp corners. The pads are highly customizable and easily replaceable. Fixtureworks offers them in strips, and they come in smooth, fine hatch or course hatch with standard pad heights of 1/4" and 1/2". Custom sizes and counter-bore hole mounting configurations are also available.

Fixtureworks will also display a full line of fixturing accessories, including grippers, rest pads, Swivots swivel/pivoting positioning components, quick-release, ball-lock pins, rollers and bumpers and urethane-covered bearing rollers. Additionally, Fixtureworks will feature its full lineup of manual clamps, spring plungers, rest and riser pads, levers, handles, knobs, hand wheels, supports and stops, risers, t-nuts, sliding mounts, springs, supports, grid plates and columns, and a wide range of quick change, precision locating and mounting systems. 

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