WESTEC 2017: Latest Software Has New Features for Deep-Hole Drilling

Tebis recently issued the fourth release of Version 4.0, which has improved orientation for deep-hole drilling in the CAM area.

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Tebis America Inc. will display the latest release of its Version 4.0 at WESTEC 2017. Version 4.0 has enhanced features. For example, it can create area curves during part comparison to enable better detection and limitation of modified areas. The new function creates non-overlapping shifted surfaces from any curves at defined angles.

In addition, users can automatically morph parts together with the most complex trimming curves in surface morphing. The new release fully retains geometry of the original curves and transfers the color properties 1-1. Also, users can include curves in surface morphing.

In the latest Version 4.0, deep-hole drilling in the CAM area has better orientation to support automated calculation and machining. It also comes with a new tool type that has an extended set of cutting data and special speeds, feed rates, cooling types and depth sections that deep-hole drilling requires.

The new Version 4.0 has simpler toolpath definition in five-axis milling. Additionally, it has improved function operating convenience. The release includes options for fast vector smoothing and for tilt-optimized calculation of toolpaths. These features are available even without the manual definition of vectors. 

Tebis Version 4.0 release 4 also offers new possibilities for robotic machining. For example, additional axes in robot cells can now also be controlled as simultaneous NC axes, if the robot is mounted on a positioning unit.