Water-Soluble Oil


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ITW ROCOL North America’s (Glenview, IL ) Rustlick ULTRACUT Aero is a premium, water-soluble oil optimized for high-tech ferrous and nonferrous metals including titanium, aluminum, Inconel and stainless steel which are widely used in aerospace, medical and the electronics industries. ULTRACUT Aero uses very latest lubrication and antimicrobial technologies to create a cutting fluid that is high-performance and long-lasting and it is proven to offer maximum bioresistance against bacteria and fungus. This nonchlorinated coolant also has superior boundary lubricants and extreme pressure additives for great surface finish and longer tool life.

ULTRACUT Aero is shown in independent laboratory studies to perform better and last longer than other premium coolants. ULTRACUT Aero contains no chlorine, sulfur, boron, phenol, nitrites, copper, or SARA 313 reportable chemistry. It is also great for environments with hard water problems since it provides strong emulsion stability.

Rustlick ULTRACUT Aero is available in 5- or 55-gallon containers.