Water-Cooled Welding Packages

Miller Electric Mfg.

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. (Appleton, WI) offers 200-amp water-cooled TIG welding systems, the Dynasty® 200 DX TIGRunner and Maxstar® 200 DX TIGRunner. A TIGRunner enables customer to order a complete, ready-to-weld TIG system with one stock number and eliminates the frustration associated with forgetting to order critical and necessary components, while the water-cooled torch increases operator comfort when welding for longer periods of time at higher amperages. The Dynasty 200 DX has an AC/DC output of 1 to 200 amps, while the Maxstar 200 DX welder has a DC-only output of 1 to 200 amps. Previously, water-cooled components for these welders needed to be ordered separately and were not optimized to work as a system. For example, with the new TIGRunners, the power source and the Coolmate 1 cooler have approximately the same footprint, so they fit conveniently on the same cart. The 2-wheeled trolley cart greatly increases shop mobility and equipment organization, which especially benefits cramped or cluttered operations.