5/1/2012 | 1 MINUTE READ

VMC Features Built-In Spindle for High-Speed Cutting

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The Hwacheon Sirius UL+ VMC.

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The Hwacheon Sirius UL+ VMC is equipped with a 20,000-rpm, built-in spindle for high-speed cutting. The table measures 47.24" × 23.62", and travel measures 41.34" × 23.62" × 21.65". The machine’s compact design, accuracy and performance make it well-suited for mold and die applications, the company says.
The VMC is designed using 3D simulation and finite element method (FEM) analysis to maximize structural rigidity. The rigid frame features a bilateral gate structure that firmly supports the X-axis drive. It is designed to divert the load, vibration and heat from the upper section of the machine evenly throughout the frame. These features contribute to a stable feed drive after hours of operation, the company says. The short distance between the X-axis drive and the tool’s point of contact is said to maintain rigidity and enhance precision.
The spindle integrates oil-jet lubrication technology to ensure consistent quality, the company says. The oil-jet cooling and lubrication system is designed to inject a jet of oil directly onto the spindle bearing for effective cooling. The motor and spindle assembly are jacket-cooled to limit heat displacement.

Software components monitor different variables related to work environment and machining conditions and make adjustments to increase quality and efficiency. The software was developed to increase thermal accuracy and machining performance.   




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