Vise with Repeatability within 0.001 Inch


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Kurt’s D688 vise has an 8.8- inch jaw opening and repeatability to within 0.001 inch. It produces up to 7,968 pounds. clamping force with just 80 foot-pounds input torque. Designed with high precision roller bearings and alloy steel screw mechanism, D688 vises distribute clamping force evenly and precisely across the full jaw surface, the company reports. The Anglock® design in the movable jaw (patented by Kurt) further reduces jaw lift. Providing overall vise rigidity while absorbing machining vibration, Kurt D688 vises have porosity-free, 80,000-PSI ductile iron bodies. Additional features include removable, hardened jaw plates, ergonomically designed vise handle, and GrooveLock® workstops that store easily in the vise body.
The D688 vise is designed for use on the latest machine tools including machining centers and knee-type mills. The D688 is ideal for all types of machining operations, including precision boring, tapping, drilling and finishing with high accuracy on most part configurations. The D688 vise is the only vise of its type made in the USA, according to the company.