10/26/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

Vertical Machining Center Has Automatic Pallet Changer for Simplified Workpiece Loading

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Kitamura’s Mycenter-2XD Sparkchanger is a vertical machining center that is suitable for three-axis machining.

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Kitamura Machinery Of USA Inc.’s Mycenter-2XD Sparkchanger has a speedy, two-station, automatic pallet changer that enables the operator to load and unload parts while machining for optimum productivity. A 40-tool, automatic tool changer as a standard feature with rapid feed rates of 48 m/min (or 1,889 ipm) X & Y, 42 m/min (or 1,654 ipm) Z on heavy-duty, 3-block, double-roller LM guide ways. The Sparkchanger has meehanite-cast, C-frame construction that ensures rigidity, durability and stability. All contact surfaces are hand-scraped for precise alignment, fit and performance.

The Sparkchanger has a dual-contact, 12,000 rpm, 35 HP AC spindle system. The Sparkchanger has a high-performance, highly efficient NRG belt drive for highly transmissible torque and power from the motor to the spindle with less vibration and noise. Kitamura says this guarantees smooth operation, reliability and stiffness that keeps the machine up and running.

The Mycenter-2XD Sparkchanger offers a standard 40T ATC. Kitamura says the tool magazine is up and away from the machining environment with a rear loading station for easy maintenance. A standard base wash system ensures highly efficient chip evacuation, internal chip augers and a scraper type chip conveyor that keeps the large workspace free of chips and contaminants. The Mycenter-2XD Sparkchanger is equipped with the Kitamura Arumatik-Jr CNC Controller. 


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