Versatile Sprue Adjusters Suited to Large Parts

CUMSA’s new 24-mm-diameter sprue adjusters are compatible with nozzle sizes up to 22 mm, as well as with both trapezoidal and full round runners.


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A press rendering of CUMSA's new 24-mm-diameter sprue adjusters
Photo Credit: CUMSA USA

The CUMSA (Troy, Michigan) sprue adjuster (SA) family is growing with two new 24-mm-diameter models, SA240022 and SA240822, both of which are suitable for larger molded parts with large runner gates. These units will allow the user to switch off and turn around the gate runner. CUMSA designed the two models to suit applications both where the ejector pin is required and where it is not.

As with its smaller SA types, users can directly apply CUMSA’s new sprue adjusters on top of the nozzle, and the new sizes are compatible with larger nozzle diameters up to 22 mm. Users can also install the new SA models in the cavity or in the core, making it compatible with both trapezoidal and full round runners.