Versatile Dual-Spindle, Y-Axis Turning Center


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At WESTEC 2013 in Booth 2312, Haas will show the Haas DS-30SSY turning center, which combines dual-spindle turning with Y axis, C axis, and live tooling to create a powerful “done-in-one” machining solution for any shop. The opposed spindles support fully synchronized turning, and allow on-the-fly part pass-off to reduce cycle times, the company states. The machine comes standard with high-torque live tooling and a servo-driven C axis, and provides 4”es of Y-axis travel (±2” from the centerline) for off-center milling, drilling and tapping.

The Super Speed DS-30SSY has a maximum cutting capacity of 16" x 23" and is equipped with a 24-station hybrid BOT/VDI turret. The A2-6 main spindle features an 8.3" hydraulic chuck, and is powered by a 30 hp vector drive system that provides 275 ft-lb of torque. The A2-5 secondary spindle also has an 8.3" hydraulic chuck, and is powered by a 20 hp vector drive system that provides 110 ft-lb of cutting torque. Both spindles turn to 4800 rpm, and have a 2.0" bar capacity. The machine provides a maximum swing of 31.75" over the front apron, with a 20.75" swing over the cross slide. Standard equipment includes high-torque live tooling with C axis, rigid tapping, spindle orientation, a 15-inch color LCD monitor, and a USB port. Available high-productivity options include a belt-type chip conveyor, automatic tool probe, automatic parts catcher, high-pressure coolant systems, and more.

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