3/20/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Variety of New Hot Runner Products Featured

Originally titled 'Variety of New Hot Runner Products Featured'
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Gunther Hot Runner Systems Inc. has a new control unit, power connector, valve-gate system and split-nozzle shaft to share at NPE2018.


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Gunther Hot Runner Technology Inc. (Gunther) presents a variety hot runner products at NPE2018 in West Hall Level 2, Expo Hall, in booth W4351. For example, Gunther displays the new DPE control unit for step motors at NPE2018. The two-phase step motors individually control up to 16 needles of a hot-runner system. This new control unit is available in a variety of versions (DPE4, DPE8, DPE12 and DPE16) with different numbers of channels. All versions feature a central 7" touch LCD, which shows the current traversal position of all stepper channels in color. This display is operated intuitively by swiping or pressing visualized buttons. The motors are equipped with corresponding encoders for self-referencing and fault indication to initiate a production stop during unmanned shifts. The design of the DPE control units reduce motor wiring to a minimum to eliminate wiring faults as much as possible during connection.

As a special highlight, Günther also presents a mold with more cavities but with the same small dimensions. Because of the convenient front mounting of NTF nozzles, it is not necessary to fully disassemble a hot runner to exchange nozzles. Gunther says that the nozzles can even be changed on the machine. The innovative design of the needle guide and gate-needle geometries enable contact-less and low-wear operation. The mechanical coupling on the sliding mechanism enables precise, synchronous opening and closing of the needles. An actuator is used to drive the gate unit electrically for this mold. The moldmaker can exchange any of the wear parts at any time, which Gunther says makes the use of the 16x valve-gate system all the more attractive and suitable for the production of medical technology parts.

Gunther also presents a split-nozzle shaft at NPE2018. As a compliment to the insulating titanium alloy of the nozzle cap, Gunther uses an innovative coating, which helps prevent corrosion, optimizes the friction coefficient against steel, protects materials and increases the gliding effect. Gunther says that this ensures a considerably longer service life and maximum process reliability.


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