Variety of Mold-Related Products on Display

DMS will display a variety of mold-related products.

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DMS will display a variety of mold-related products, including Desoi unscrewing devices; the RedEVault mold data storage solution; i-Mold and Exaflow tunnel gate inserts; Kool Flow water manifolds; Bolex P ball-guided ejector bushings; BZ hydraulic locking cylinders; MetalRustGuard self-adhesive wrap; and more.

Editor's Pick

Amerimold 2019 Update: What You Should Know about Getting Venting Right

This presentation will review several ways to get your venting right, including guidelines for designing and machining vents to optimize venting capacity, proper vent amount, location, width and depth, using a vacuum/blowback venting system and modifying the tool for vacuum venting, using and designing with self-venting mold material, and installing the most efficient mold components, such as vacuum vent blocks and venting valves.