Variety of Inserts

Iscar Metals, Inc. (Arlington, TX) will display a number of inserts at Eastec.

Related Suppliers

Iscar Metals, Inc. (Arlington, TX) will display a number of inserts at Eastec. The TORMILL is designed to perform facing, plunging and undercutting using the same uniquely shaped insert. The specially designed, peripherally ground insert features a one of a kind shape and clearance angle—making it possible to perform a number of operations on a variety of materials. The small corner radii and balanced design of this insert makes it ideal for side plunging, small corner, as well as very large overhang operations and produces no vibration. It is also possible to ramp into material using the insert, should that be required. The inserts have four 80° corners and are available with 0.02”, 0.04”, and 0.06” corner radius. The JET-CUT system, an upgrade to the DO-GRIP parting insert, features a coolant hole that passes through the insert to an outlet near the cutting edge. These inserts are designed for parting and grooving operations on stainless steel and high temperature alloys. Oftentimes when machining these materials, the temperature near the cutting edge becomes very high, thus causing premature wear. By applying coolant to the cutting zone this can be reduced. These inserts also are a great solution to grooving and parting applications where there is a problem getting coolant to the cutting edge.