Valve Gate Systems Designed for Simplicity, Safety and Precision

HRSflow’s electrical FLEXflow Family includes an electrical valve system designed for simplicity, safety and precision.
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At Amerimold 2018, HRSflow is showcasing FLEXflow Family, a range of products that includes the electrically driven valve gate systems FLEXflow and FLEXflow One. Simple, safe and clean, the electrical technology is designed for the independent adjustment of each valve pin with precise control of stroke, velocity and force during opening and closing phases. According to the company, this solution ensures accurate, easy-to-operate, flexible control of pressures and flow rates at each individual gate.

In addition, the company features its Side Mounted Cylinder. Because the placement is far from the manifold area, cooling configuration for hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders is no longer required. This configuration ensures the high performance of the hot runner systems while maintaining the same reliability of the components. Placed laterally at the border of the mold, it makes maintenance easy, convenient and safe, the company says. These featured products join the company’s lineup of hot runner technology for the injection molding industry.